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Thursday, 31 March 2022

Aadhaar-page should be linked by March 31, if not, such a fine will be imposed - finally the government announced..

 Aadhaar-page should be linked by March 31, if not, such a fine will be imposed - finally the government announced

Big news / Aadhaar-page should be linked by March 31, if not, such a fine will be imposed - finally the government announced

The central government announced penalties for those who did not link Aadhaar and Pan by March 31

Big announcement from Income Tax Department regarding Aadhaar and PAN card linking

 Aadhaar-Pan link has to be done by 31st MarchFailure to do so will result in a fine of Rs.500 to Rs.1000

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 The central government has now announced fines after extending the date for linking Aadhaar and PAN cards several times.  The CBDT has issued a notification asking for Aadhaar-Pan card linking by March 31 or else pay a fine.  

The Income Tax Department has announced that those who do not link Aadhaar and PAN cards by March 31, 2022 will be fined Rs 500 to Rs 1,000.  The last date to link a page with Aadhaar is March 31, 2022.  Failure to do so by this date may result in cancellation of PAN card.

In a notification, the CBDT said that a late fee of Rs 500 would be levied for non-reporting of Aadhar-Pan link after March 31. If Aadhar-Pan is linked for next 3 months or June 30, 2022, the penalty would be levied.  Taxpayers will have to pay Rs.1000 as penalty after this period.

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Wednesday, 30 March 2022

Teachers pathdarshika for daily administrative work in the schools.

 Head teacher's fur regarding lunch. Teachers lndar.pdf teacher to play around in the context of lunch. Performance and performance of the education inspector administration. . . . Statistical information of teachers and students of Porbandar district regarding maintenance and disposal of dead stock General information about leave General teacher's setup table in primary school Shri M. like this.

There was a special need in the primary education administration world for the "Primary Teacher Pathdarshika" Pathdarshika for the day to day management of the primary school. I have read this guide in the form of a compilation with great effort. Y: alk in I I have read this guide, to keep the attendance sheets as an elementary teacher up-to-date, to ensure the attendance of teachers during school duty, to make bright students double standard, to reduce irregular student names.Provision of the statutory duties of the principal, school principals and teachers, etc., for conducting examinations from outside students, conducting educational tours / tours, duties of teachers and head teachers in respect of lunch, etc. will be useful to teachers and principals on a daily basis. , Maintenance of Dead Stock, Exclusion of Canceled Items, Maintenance of School Record Register 

The legal provisions of the time limit etc. are covered in this book, which is to be commended by the teacher leaders for their hard work and coordination. public ane CRTA de = vo), 4G 24 LTE1 A In addition to this, the pathfinder has made this pathfinder more compelling by giving definitions, ideas in the sense of education in different parts.

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Primary teachers pathdarshika

For download click here

District Primary Education Officer District Panchayat Office Id is dif51 Porbandar. Apart from this, number of schools in Porbandar district, classification of teachers, students as well as pay. - List of Centers etc. Fact oriented as well as statistical information has been presented to show the real situation of the district. LIFEIFT || 3 In the construction of this guide, Shri Dinesh Kumar G. Vachani, Shri Naginbhai H. Madalani, Shri Arvindbhai g. Chauhan, Shri Lakhabhai K. Chavda and Shri Laxmangiri S.

Goswami's contribution is uniquely noteworthy, it deserves all thanks and best wishes. My best wishes to that survey. Lastly, as the District Primary Education Officer, I wish that this guideline would be useful for the teachers, principals, BIT inspectors as well as the office staff involved in the administration of primary education. 

          Principal All Primary Schools Principal Taluka Primary Schools Subject: - Matter of attendance of teachers during school duty time. District Primary Winter Officer, Porbandar. vo), 4G 24 LTE1 A District Education Committee, Porbandar, Ta. With the recent visit of various primary schools in the district, some assistant teachers, principals as well as the principals of the taluka schools get the answer that they have changed their work in the taluka school or taluka panchayat education branch for administrative work. Such mentions are also found in the leaflets. During the visit it is also seen that CL report of absence of any teacher is seen in the school but leave is not mentioned in the attendance register of the teachers.

From now on the responsibility of the principal will be considered. We will be compelled to take further action if any teacher is found to be absent during his / her duty time without the written order of the superior office. And be sure to get a written statement indicating the time of stay which is included with the attendance sheet of the teachers of that month. Department officials are not allowed to check visit book or other records.

It has been observed that every principal should leave the school only after submitting the necessary records like visit book etc. to any responsible teacher after him. Intoxication Plan | ૪ | ૬ Circular: - Permission or order to any subordinate teacher to go out of school (on duty) on the pretext of any government information during school hours - duty should not be given by any principal and also not to leave school himself. Each school maintains an on-duty register.

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Application and official website for data entry of children who have taken advantage of lunch

Operation and sanctioned website for the data entry of children who have taken advantage of lunch 

The children in the primary seminaries are enjoying the benefit of eating in themid-day mess. Hot reflections are handed by the Department of Education and the Government is furnishing hot reflections in the primary seminaries. 

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક 

 MDM બાળકોની ડેટા એન્ટ્રી કરવા માટે એપ્લીકેશન ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

MDM બાળકોની ડેટા એન્ટ્રી કરવા માટે  વેબસાઈટ પર જવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

The mess plan has to be entered online after the children have eaten. If the education department or the government has to make online entry of all the children also all the preceptors have to fill in the statistical information consequently. 


 Important links. 

તારીખ-૩૧-૩-૨૦૨૨થી મધ્યાહન ભોજન શરૂ કરવા બાબત લેટર વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

 મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક 

PM POSHAN અંતર્ગત નવા મેનુ મુજબ ભોજન પીરસવા બાબત લેટર વાંચવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો 

This is a veritably good trouble being made by the government to insure that the children get hot and fresh reflections in the primary academy. presently themid-day mess is going on. In addition to the online entry of the children who are eating, the report of the academy whose online entry is pending is also generated and their report. 

The online entry shouldn't be left unattended. All officer can be see the officer on his display. Which academy has entered and the academy entry is pending? 

All musketeers are requested to install the operation or go to the sanctioned website and enter the children's online entry. In between the diurnal conditioning, if themid-day mess is closed on any given day, it has to be entered. 

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Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Useful information with all the details of exam planning file, exam arrangement, paper distribution

 Useful information with all the details of exam planning file, exam arrangement, paper distribution

Exam time planning in primary schools is very difficult as a lot of time is wasted on planning one. Here is a nice fun excel file in which you just have to fill in your data and then you can plan according to your convenience.  

This will be useful first for friends who know how to work in an excel seat, then all the friends who find it easy will be able to work in this movie. For those friends who can create an excel file, these files are not really useful. They find it very difficult to work in this file.  

In primary schools, when we are planning for the exams, we have to organize the seating arrangements for the children and all the procedures from paper examination to how to arrange the seating arrangements for all the children from standard three to vehicle standard. 

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક

Students will definitely enjoy this activity, Mind Fresh Activities,



You can plan according to the circular or as per the instruction or as the old planning is going on in the school.  There is no need to do this. There is a lot of difficulty in managing the children as there is a standard medical examination for the children who cannot sit next to the children.  It is very important and time saving to use it as a primary school teacher around us.

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arthritis responsible for join pain Learn more about

 What is arthritis?

Arthritis is pain or swelling of the joints. There are many types of arthritis. There are three main types.

The most common problem today is with knee pain. Everywhere people are seen these days talking about the pain of the bell. According to a survey, 60% of people in India complain of knee pain after the age of 44. Difficulty in sitting and standing, difficulty in straightening the legs and knees in sleep are very common in this pain....

1. Age-related wear and tear:

With age, wear and tear causes joint pain. This problem is more common in the knee, hip and waist joints.

Arthritis: This is an autoimmune disease that affects different joints.

Arthritis: An increase in the amount of certain elements in the body which causes pain and swelling in the joints.

As a result of wear and tear, the marrow that surrounds the bone begins to fill with water, forming small cracks and osteophytes on the surface of the bone. This causes difficulty in movement of the joints. Often a small portion of the marrow gets inside the joint and causes more pain. As the wear and tear of the marrow increases, the joints become smaller and the wear and tear reaches the bone-bone surface, the surface does not turn and the foot does not turn.

Symptoms of the disease

Swelling on the knees, pain, inability to bend the legs, decreased mobility, noise in the joints during movement, shortening of one leg.


With timely diagnosis and treatment, joint wear stops progressing and pain / swelling is reduced.

(1) Conservative treatment Medications, exercise, proper diet

(2) Operation

If the pain persists even after medication / exercise

If the pain is unbearable

Can't sleep at night

Having trouble walking from a daily activity such as standing up

Total replacement.

This is an operation in which a part of the damaged joint is removed and replaced with a metal-plastic joint. These prosthetic joints can move like natural joints.

Knee joints have three parts

The lower part of the hip bone

The upper part of the tube bone

This operation involves removing the damaged surfaces of both bones and, if necessary, removing the back surface of the lid, after which artificial joints are inserted.




Benefits from the operation

The pain goes away

The movement of the joints can be challenged by movement

A curved or shortened leg is straightened

All the activities that could not be done before can be done

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Easy Ayurvedic herbs and remedies for maintaining health

 Let's look at the harms of falling asleep and not falling asleep: Nowadays, the order of going to bed late at night and waking up very late in the morning is considered by the youth as a sign of modernity. WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter have blown the sleep of youth. As a result, acne, dandruff, white hair, early onset of glasses, weight gain, etc., bother them spontaneously. 

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ઉનાળામાં ઓઈલી વાળ અને ત્વચાથી પરેશાન રહેતાં લોકો ખાસ વાંચો આ ટીપ્સ- માત્ર 3 જ દિવસમાં જોવા મળશે પરિણામ

Women's health

Some recent studies suggest that the body's immune system, which has been weakened by a constant battle against diseases and germs, regenerates with adequate sleep. Inadequate sleep slows down a person's reactions and reactions. Agility decreases and the internal processes of the body are disrupted.

Important tips for insomnia patients:

Doing light exercises, yogasana, to relax the nerves of the body while sleeping. Walk and take deep breaths.

Getting into the habit of going to bed at regular intervals every day starts the process of falling asleep during the same period without any effort.

Many veterans believe that chanting religious hymns, chanting of deities, etc. at bedtime leads to deep sleep.

Researchers say that getting rid of any problems and worries from the brain one hour before bedtime makes sleep easier. Such as watching less TV serials that bring wrong thoughts or not watching at night and switching off the mobile phone.

Scientists researching the method believe that bedtime romance and sex work like sleeping pills.

A hot water bath or light gentle music attracts sleep.

Easy Ayurvedic herbs and remedies for maintaining health

Women's health

Awareness about Maternal and Child Health India is committed to reducing maternal mortality and increasing the ubiquitous availability of reproductive health services. Awareness on maternal and child health is an important responsibility and a basic need, which ensures the success of various programs implemented by the government.

Ayurveda states that daily massage of oil on the head improves sleep. Rubbing cow's ghee on the soles of the feet relaxes the nerves and leads to deep sleep. As a result, problems like dandruff, dandruff, graying of hair, blurring of eyes etc. are stopped.These diseases come from inside the body. However, these types of diseases are prevalent today. It is known for stress related diseases, immune related diseases, cancer, heart diseases, glandular diseases and malnutrition.

External Diseases:

Diseases caused by external factors. The standard of living has changed since the twentieth century and these diseases pose a greater risk to society.

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Monday, 28 March 2022

Caller Name Announcer Application

 Adopting this trick will be take the name of the smartphone and tell you a whose message or phone call came.

It often happens that the phone is different from us when we are the busy with the need  work.

 In that case, if anybody gets a call, he has to leave work and go to pick up the phone. In the that case, if the phone itself tells you whose phone is coming then you can be decide the priority whether you have to pick up the phone or finish your work.

Caller Name Announcer: Hands-Free Pro, the best Android app that announces the caller name the instant you receive an incoming call or text messages. Faster, better, and 100% free, This is the powerful announcer app to help you drive safely & helps you interact with the device in situations when you are physically limited. Caller Name Announcer Apps is useful for the all who want to show smart than others.

Quality: spoken announcements. This method you can turn off the system quickly if you are not in a good place to hear them.

The app is designed for the when users are driving or doing something important and when you can not just accept any incoming call or text message. The app is also designed for the blind and/or visually impaired users, for users who are physically limited to interact with the screen. 

That’s why a caller announcement solution is vital: identify who is calling you without touching the phone, by the using our speak alert system.

Technical specification of the app :

The size of this app is the 10MB. Still, once installed, it takes up 40MB to 50MB of space in the phone. The app has been received over 5 million downloads so far. App 5.1 supports all operating method and above. The app has been 4.3 star rating.As the creators of the top caller identification tool for the SMS and calls, we understand that it is not easy to find the call announcer app that is both FREE and powerful at the same time. 

Caller Name Announcer: Hands-Free Pro speaks the caller’s name for the incoming calls. Telling you who is calling before you look at the phone. Caller Name Announcer is joint to our Caller ID function, which enables our announcer app to identify unknown callers so you know if you must be accept the call or not

Our Android SMS announcer quality announces the name of the person who sends you text messages. Similar to our call announcer function, our SMS announcer is also joint to our phone database and is able to identify unknown numbers who send you SMS.

Our caller ID quality also identifies unknown telephone numbers so you can be know who called you even if the number is not in your Contact list. This call announcer & SMS announcer app for the Android is ideal when you are working, driving, or doing other things and you necessary to put your phone on hands-free mode. The best thing about Caller Name Announcer: Hands-Free Pro? It is FREE to download and use for the any Android user, user or phone.

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એપ્લિકેશન ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો. 

The process of using the app :

First, install the Caller Name Announcer Pro app on your smartphone. It is free forthe  Android users on the Google Play Store. When you first open the app, ALLOW the offer permissions. 

Then you will be now have to test the speech of the app. Click on the Speech Test button. A voice will be come and then the message of test success will be come. He has to give Yes. Now you will be see several choice in the main window involving call, audio, SMS, WhatsApp.

Check by the going to all these choice. Go to the audio setting and set the speech rate, pitch, and volume. You cannot change several settings. You can be also select the number of times you want to hear the caller’s name in the call setting. The same can be said for the SMS.You will have to give several special access to the WhatsApp setting. After the doing OK, the WhatsApp message announcement will be turned on.

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GPSSB NEW RECRUITMENT 2022 for Gram Sevak and Mukhya Sevika


GPSSB Bharti 2022 Search for all Government Vacancies in India and check all the latest information of GPSSB immediately, know about upcoming Gujarat Panchayat Service Selection Board Recruitment. GPSSB Recruitment You can apply for Gujarat Panchayat Service Selection Board Government Vacancy Jobs notification as soon as possible. Read the full notification before applying online for the latest vacancy job. Latest Gujarat Panchayat Service Selection Board

GPSSB Recruitment 2022 For Mukhy sevika

GPSSB Recruitment 2022: Gujarat Panchayat Service Selection Board Published Official Notification For Recruitment Of 344 Posts. Interested And Eligible Candidate Can Apply Online For GPSSB Job.Online Apply Is Start From 20.01.2022 And Last Date Is 05.02.2022.

GPSSB Job-Related Details Like Education Qualification, Age Limit, Application Fees, Important Date, And Other Details Is Added In This Post. Must Check Official Notification Before Applying For GPSSB Recruitment 2022

GPSSB Recruitment 2022 For Gram sevak

GPSSB Recruitment 2022

Total Posts : 1571

Start Date : 30-3-2022

Last Date : 15-4-2022

Application Mode : Online

Job Location : Gujarat

Board : Gujarat Panchayat Service Selection Board

Job Type : Government

Eligibility Criteria For GPSSB Jobs 2022

Total Posts : 1571

Official Notification.(Mukhy sevika) :Download

Official Notification. (Gram sevak) : Download

Official Website :Click Here

Vacancy Details :

Advt No .14 /202122 Mukhya Sevika

Advt No .15 /202122 Gram Sevak

Important Date :

Start Date For Apply : 30-3-2022

Last Date For Apply : 15-4-2022

Age Limit :

18 to 37 years

Check notification for age limit and relaxation

Salary (Pay Scale) :

Rs. 19,950/-

Educational Qualification :

Check the advertisement for more details.

Selection Process For GPSSBJob :

GPSSB selection will be based on Written Test

GPSSB 2022 Fees :

Check the GPSSB advertisement for more details.

Anganwadi Bharti 2022 Gujarat Help Line Number

GPSSB Recruitment 2022 (Important link)

Before Applying For This Job, Please Download And Read Official Notification PDF From Below Table. You Can Apply For GPSSB Job From Below Link. Last Date For Apply Online Is 05.02.2022.

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Saturday, 26 March 2022


 Manav Kalyan Yojana

This scheme provides additional tools/equipment to socially backward class community so as to generate adequate income and self employment. This scheme is introduced from 11.9.95 in place of the earlier self employment scheme, to uplift the economic condition of artisans/persons living below poverty line. 

The persons engaged in 28 different activities, such as hawkers, vegetable vendor, carpentry etc. whose yearly income is upto Rs.120000/- for rural areas and upto Rs.150000/- in urban areas are provided financial assistance in the form of tools and equipment as per G.R. dated 11/9/18. This gives self employment opportunity to the BPL familie.


1 Age: 16 years to 60 years

2 Income limit:

It is mandatory for the beneficiaries of rural areas to be included in the poverty line list of the district rural development department. This beneficiary does not have to submit income proof

The annual income of the applicant's family should be up to Rs. 120,000 / - for rural area and up to Rs. 150,000 / - for urban area.

The scheme provides additional tools to the economically backward class to generate adequate income and self-employment. This scheme has been started from 11/9/95 instead of the previous self-employment scheme to improve the economic condition of persons / artisans living below the poverty line. This includes people from weaker sections of the society who have small family trades / businesses like hawkers, vegetable sellers, carpenters etc., whose annual family income is up to Rs. 120,000 / - for rural area and up to Rs. 150,000 / - for urban area Tools required for business to increase are provided within the limits as per the list of toolkits included with the resolutions dated 11/9/18.

ઓન લાઈન એપ્લિકેશન કરવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Application for assistance in human welfare scheme must be made online. (2) along with the application will also have to be uploaded online. Incomplete application will be filed.

Details regarding getting assistance in Manav Kalyan Yojana are given

at After thorough study, the applicant will have to apply online. Also special information will be available from the office of the District Industry Center of the district.

સંપર્ક માટે જિલ્લા ઉધોગ કેન્દ્ર ની યાદી માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Also special information will be available from the office of the District Industry Center of the district.

If any question arises regarding getting assistance in human welfare scheme, the decision of Commissioner Cottage Village Industries, Gujarat State, Gandhinagar will be final.

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New Indian Map Of All New States With Founding Date- 2021

The new map of India was released by the Union Home Ministry.

With the Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh formally coming into existence, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs on Saturday released a new map of India with 28 states and 9 Union Territories.

The new political map comes two days after the state of Jammu and Kashmir was officially bifurcated into the Union Territories of J&K and Ladakh, in line with the August 5 announcement ending the special status of the state under Article 370.On Friday, the Lieutenant Governors of the two UTs took the oath of office along with the Chief Justice of the Jammu and Kashmir High Court. 

Last week, the Union government appointed serving IAS officer of Gujarat cadre Girish Chandra Murmu as the LG of Jammu and Kashmir, and retired bureaucrat of Tripura cadre Radha Krishna Mathur as LG of Ladakh.

Important Link.

  A new map of Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. The new map of Jammu and Kashmir.

Important LinksLatest Educational News on  Latest Educational circular and Educational Study material from this websites. Daily open this websites

Download Digital Map PDFClick Here

With the inclusion of J&K and Ladakh, here is the full list of UTs in India:
1. Andaman and Nicobar
2. Chandigarh
3. Daman and Diu
4. Dadar and Nagar Haveli
5. Delhi
6. Jammu and Kashmir
7. Ladakh
8. Lakshadweep
9. Puducherry

Complete list of Indian states:
1. Andhra Pradesh
2. Arunachal Pradesh
3. Assam
4. Bihar
5. Chhattisgarh
6. Goa
7. Gujarat
8. Haryana
9. Himachal Pradesh
10. Jharkhand
11. Karnataka
12. Kerala
13. Madhya Pradesh
14. Maharashtra
15. Manipur
16. Meghalaya
17. Mizoram
18. Nagaland
19. Odisha
20. Punjab
21. Rajasthan
22. Sikkim
23. Tamil Nadu
24. Telangana
25. Tripura
26. Uttar Pradesh
27. Uttarakhand
28. West Bengal

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The most famous and best app to watch IPL score on phone

 Nowadays most people enjoy watching cricket at home and watching TV on the cricket field is more fun than watching cricket. 

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક

વિદ્યાસહાયક ભરતી જિલ્લા કક્ષાએ.શાળા પસંદગી/ સ્થળ પસંદગી તારીખમા ફેરફાર 

BRC/CRC પરીક્ષા હોલ ટીકીટ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Cricket is a very popular sport.  But over time cricket has become a very popular sport and cricket is considered to be one of the most popular sports in the world.  A fun app to watch live scores on your mobile at a time when you can't  Send this app to cricket-loving friends who are interested in cricket and get it installed. In cricket, you can see the live score of the country which is playing at any given time.

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લાઇવ ક્રિકેટ સ્કોર જોવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

  All sorts are shown. Nowadays you can see the score you want to see and it should also be easily used in mobile without any hassle.  There are a lot of difficulties in listening to the weather ready at that time and seeing the score but by installing such a simple application we can also know the score. Some of these things are not known to our friends.  If there are any friends who are interested in cricket, then they are interested in cricket.

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How will you look in old age? top 10 age progression bloodsuckers operation.

 10 Swish Age Progression Apps for Android and iOS 

It’s fun to see how you look like in your old age. Thankfully, dozens of companies and startups have been developing age progression apps that help figure out your future look. App Store and Play Store are swamped with them, so you might need to put farther trouble to find the swish age progression application.

Utmost age progression apps come with the capability to transform your face from immature to old age or vice versa. 

To make it farther fun, the apps allow you to partake on various social media platforms. Check this out for the most recommended age progression apps for Android and iOS. 

Stylish Age Progression Apps for Android and iOS 

  1. FaceApp 
  2. AgingBooth 
  3. Make Me Old 
  4. Fantastic Face 
  5. Age Recognition App 
  6. Oldify 
  7. What Will I Look Like Old Face 
  8. Face Cam 
  9. Face Story 
  10. Make Me Old Photo Montage Editor 

How to choose the swish age progression tool? There are some pointers that can be used, including user-friendly interface, features, and conditions. Predicated on those criteria, also are the top 10 most recommended age progression apps to download on your mobile device. 

1. FaceApp 



With farther than 100 million downloads on Play Store, FaceApp is one of the most popular age progression tools ever developed. This free app boasts artificial intelligence to produce selfies with the swish, magazine- cover quality. Have fun with amazing changeovers like gender exchange, hair styling, and most importantly, age changing. 

FaceApp supports tons of features and advancements, including print adulterants, makeups, add tattoos, and other changeovers. You can also add smiles and apply goods like color adulterants, lens blurs, and multitudinous more.However, simply stopcock on it, If you want to change the background. 

With FaceApp, your selfie is noway the same again. Whether you want to try a new hairstyle or grow a mustache and beard, this app helps you figure out how you will look like. FaceApp with AI can be downloaded for Android and iOS for free. For fresh content, this app offers in-app purchases. 

2. AgingBooth 


See how you will look like when you are old with AgingBooth. This app is a great machine to age your selfies, wefies, and indeed family prints. To make it more provocative, partake the results with your family and buddies through dispatch and social media platforms analogous as Twitter and Facebook. Knowing your future face is pleasurable! Down from growing your prints, this age progression app offers a sprinkle of tools to transform your face. Simply choose one or farther goods from Booth Collection and be surprised. Either, it enables you to choose only one face among multitudinous others on the same print. And the swish of all, AgingBooth can work offline. user-friendly interface makes it easytouse.However, all you need to do is shake the device, If you want to compare before-after prints. Also, you can work with prints from the camera or gallery and save the results to the print library. AgingBooth works best for face between 15 and 60 times old. 

3. Make Me Old 

 Still, Make Me Old is worth your consideration, If you seek out a simple age progression app. Like other similar apps, it lets you transform face from immature to old or hinder. 

Despite it not equipped with artificial intelligence, it comes with advanced definition technology that makes the result look real. Make Me Old factory with a face scanner that helps identify your face and convert it. Either, you can also add funny stickers and position marker for more accurate results. Once you ’re done, share via social media platforms. With this app, you can overlook all faces including family members, buddies, or indeed your favorite artists. 

How does it work? This app is enough easy to use. Simply open the camera, overlook your face and the app will show your future face. For the swish result, Make Me Old allows you to strengthen your eyes and slim it. Download the app for free on your Android device and have fun with your prints. 

4. Fantastic Face 

Next on the list, there is Fantastic Face that has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Play Store. It's further than a face- changing tool that converts your face to be youthful or aged. It can anatomize your facial features and make a report according to it. From this report, you will know the secrets of your face. 

Fantastic Face comes packed with a set of features and functionalities. Its main functions include quotidian face analysis, age prophecy, baby prophecy, and emotion analysis. You can also have fun with a smile competition and beauty competition brought by this app. Or, find out celebrities who have similar facial features as yours with Celebrity Match point. 

This versatile app has multitudinous other goods to enjoy, analogous as love pairing that helps you figure out the chance to fall in love and palmistry predictor that predicts your future career and fortune. Enjoy the app and know yourself! 

5. Age Recognition App 

This is an interesting face app that comes with tons of provocative features. Age Recognition App has a face scanner that can identify not only age but also heartstrings and race. Either, this app can figure out your status, commerce, situation, and important other information. 

Age Recognition app is useful if you want to find out anyone’s information. Simply upload or snap a print of your friend, family, or crush and let this app do the rest. Within a numerous seconds, you will figure out their approximate age, status, heartstrings, race, and multitudinous further. 

What’s more? This swish age progression app offers a number of pivotal features, including camera button, scanner outfit, user-friendly interface, and brain analysis. All is wrapped in a versatile app that can be downloaded for free. 

6. Oldify 


Oldify is another fun app to know how you look in old age. It's truly easy to use, thanks to a simple and intuitive interface that allows stoners to discover their senior face with ease. 

A variety of pivotal features are wrapped in this provocative age progression tool. It comes with automatic face discovery that scans your face and convert to aged age. With face adaption, you can adjust the factual position using the available marker. When everything is ready, a single stopcock will make your face look old. How if you want to switch it back? Simply shake the device to switch back and forth. Once your print is converted, save to device or SD card. Or, partake your old prints with buddies through different social media platform.

7. What Will I Look Like Old Face 

You do n’t need to stay until 80 to see your old face. This face app is developed to help you figure out how you will look like at a certain age. Choose how old you want to be and this app will convert your print. It works for any prints from the gallery and camera, so you make anyone old in a single stopcock. 

This app analyzes facial features and creates aged print. Supported by artificial intelligent, it can attack utmost of your prints. Try it on buddies, family, and yourself and choose how old you want to be. Like other similar apps, it's truly simple and easy to use. Upload your print and stopcock to convert. It will show you the result within seconds. 

What Will I Look Like Old Face provides a variety of growing adulterants. Choose one that you like the most and save the result. You can also partake via social media network and collect farther likes than you suppose! Make sure to use only front- facing print for the most accurate result.

8. Face Cam 

iPhone and iPad stoners can use this app to have fun with anterior- facing prints. With4.0 conditions on App Store, Face Cam boasts artificial intelligence technology for more accurate face barters. It also comes with art adulterants that enable you to enhance prints with a variety of goods, analogous as panorama canvases, delineations, oil canvases, and multitudinous other.

To use the face exchange point, you need to import two prints from the gallery or take directly from the camera. Once imported, use old face adulterants to see how you look like a numerous decades to go. Interestingly, you can use a variety of stickers to make your print more attractive. 

To make your prints look satisfying, Face Cam lets you add wrinkles and turn your hair slate. All of these can be done without internet connection. More importantly, this app does not store your prints so your insulation is defended. 

9. Face Story 

This is a face exchange and senior app that is popular among iOS stoners. Coming with a couple dozens of features, it lets you use prints in a different way. Whether you want to figure out how you look like in another gender or when you get old, Face Story has everything you need. 

Not only can you change gender and age prints, but you can also crop print using face discovery. It also enables you to exercise the transformation with ease. Face Story is truly easy to use, so anyone with no editing skill can easily handle the design. This app can be installed for free with in-app purchases. But it also provides subscription that starts from$4.99 per week or$49.99 for continuance. 

10. Make Me Old Print Montage Editor 

With3.0 conditions on App Store, this app transforms your print and makes you look 30 times aged. It offers a face senior camera effect that helps convert your face within seconds. This is a useful app you are looking for, so you do n’t need to find other apps for your iOS.

What can this app do? You can produce a montage with attractive face stickers and edit print with a face changer. With cool camera stickers, you can manipulate print and make it miraculous. To get started, upload image from your smartphone and you are ready to go! 

In addition to features, this tool makes selfies and prints look realistic with cool print goods. For every print you have edited, share on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The app is available for free but you can get farther contents with in-app purchases. 

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