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Sunday, 30 May 2021

Advertisement for orphans in Corona: help from PM Care Fund until age 18; Tuition costs will be borne and health insurance of Rs 5 lakh


અહીંથી વાંચો હળદર વાળા દુધના ફાયદા

આટલી બાબતો નું રાખો ધ્યાન

Will receive help from the PM Care Fund until the age of 18; the value of education are going to be borne, CM Vijay Rupani also announced Mukhyamantri Bal Seva Yojana

Orphans will get insurance of Rs 5 lakh

More than 577 children across the country lost their parents within the second wave of Corona

The central government has made an enormous announcement for youngsters orphaned by corona within the country. the schooling fees of such children also will be provided from the PM Care Fund. Financial assistance are going to be given monthly till the age of 18. additionally , assistance of Rs 10 lakh are going to be given when the kid reaches the age of 23 years.

કોરોનાથી સંક્રમિત થયેલ શિક્ષકોની ઓનડ્યુટી ગણવા બાબત પરિપત્ર

કોરોનાથી સંક્રમિત થયેલ શિક્ષકોની ઓનડ્યુટી ગણવા બાબત પરિપત્ર

The children who lost their parents to Corona aren't destitute but government children, a priority altogether fields

The sensitive government of Gujarat has decided to require care of the orphaned children who lost their parents during the Coronation period. The 

* Adult child whose study goes on are going to be given a monthly stipend of Rs. 2000 assistance are going to be provided

* Children who have lost both parents are going to be given the advantage of CM Youth Self Reliance for education on priority basis with none income limit.

* Foreign study loan also will tend on priority basis with none income limit

 the government under this Mukhyamantri Bal Seva Yojana.

* Children who will continue their studies even after completing 18 years aged are covered within the After Care Scheme for 21 years with none income limit of Rs. The government has decided to supply assistance of Rs 5,000.

Even after completing 21 years, young men and ladies who are engaged in higher studies are entitled to a monthly stipend of Rs. 5,000 will benefit.

* That is, all kinds of undergraduate and postgraduate courses are going to be considered valid for this scheme.

* Scholarships prescribed by the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment to the youngsters belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes, NTDNT and Economically Backward Classes of Rules of that Department. are going to be approved subject to.

* the advantages of all the schemes of all the firms owned by the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment and therefore the Department of Tribal Development will need to tend to the eligible children without considering the income limit.

* Not only this, educational loan for study within the state also as loan for study abroad are going to be given on priority basis regardless of any income limit.

* Such orphans and destitute children are going to be covered under Mukhyamantri Yuva Swavalamban Yojana (MYSY) for education and its benefits are going to be given on priority basis with none income limit.

* vocational education for youngsters above 18 years aged and skill development training for youngsters above 18 years aged are going to be given on priority basis at the government's expense under this Mukhyamantri Bal Seva Yojana.

* Daughters who have lost their parents are going to be given priority in admission in Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya, residential schools travel by the Central / government for the education of destitute girls. Hostel expenses also will be provided.

* By including such destitute girls under Kunwarbai's mameru scheme for marriage, the advantage of this scheme also will be available and therefore the amount of mamera are going to be paid by the government under the scheme.

* Orphans who lose their parents during the Corona period also will tend medical treatment on a priority basis under the Mukhyamantri Amrutam "Maa" card scheme.

* Parents of youngsters taking advantage of this scheme are going to be covered on priority basis under National Food Security (NFSA). in order that such families can get wheat, rice, sugar etc. at concessional rates monthly .

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said that the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment of the government would be functioning because the nodal agency for the implementation of the Mukhyamantri Bal Seva Yojana.

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Friday, 28 May 2021

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Tuesday, 25 May 2021

All district Seniority List for District Transfer

All district  Seniority List for District Transfer 


મહીસાગર જિલ્લા સિનિયોરીટી લિસ્ટ
વલસાડ જિલ્લા સિનિયોરીટી લિસ્ટ
ગાંધીનગર જિલ્લા સિનિયોરીટી લિસ્ટ
નર્મદા જિલ્લા સિનિયોરીટી લિસ્ટ
દાહોદ જિલ્લા સિનિયોરીટી લિસ્ટ
પંચમહાલ જિલ્લા સિનિયોરીટી લિસ્ટ
ભાવનગર જિલ્લા સિનિયોરીટી લીસ્ટ
અમરેલી વર્ષ ૨૦૧૭ સિનિયોરીટી લીસ્ટ
અમરેલી વર્ષ ૨૦૧૮ સિનિયોરીટી લીસ્ટ
અમરેલી વર્ષ ૨૦૧૯ સિનિયોરીટી લીસ્ટ
અમરેલી વર્ષ ૨૦૨૦ સિનિયોરીટી લીસ્ટ
બનાસકાંઠા સિનિયોરીટી લીસ્ટ
બનાસકાંઠા ૧ થી ૫ સિનિયોરીટી લીસ્ટ
બનાસકાંઠ ગણિત વિજ્ઞાન સિનિયોરીટી લીસ્ટ
બનાસકાંઠા સામાજિક વિજ્ઞાન સિનિયોરીટી લીસ્ટ
બનાસકાંઠા ભાષા સિનિયોરીટી લીસ્ટ
બોટાદ જિલ્લા ફેર બદલી કેમ્પ માં હાજર રહેવાપાત્ર ઉમેદવારોની યાદિ
ખેડા ૧ થી૫ સિનિયોરીટી લીસ્ટ
ખેડા ગણિત-વિજ્ઞાન સિનિયોરીટી લીસ્ટ
ખેડા સામાજિક વિજ્ઞાન સિનિયોરીટી લીસ્ટ
ખેડા ભાષા સિનિયોરીટી લીસ્ટ
ગીર સોમનાથ પ્રોવિઝનલ સિનિયોરીટી લીસ્ટ
ગીર સોમનાથ પ્રોવિઝનલ સિનિયોરીટી લીસ્ટ અંગે લેટર
બોટાદ જિલ્લાફેર બદલી સિનિયોરીટી લીસ્ટ
જામનગર નગર શિક્ષણ સમિતિ જિલ્લાફેર બદલી સિનિયોરીટી લીસ્ટ્

કચ્છ જિલ્લાફેર બદલી સિનિયોરીટી લીસ્ટ
સુરત નગર શિક્ષણ સમિતિ જિલ્લાફેર બદલી સિનિયોરીટી લીસ્ટ્
બોટાદ જિલ્લાફેર બદલી સિનિયોરીટી લીસ્ટ
પાટણ જિલ્લાફેર બદલી સિનિયોરીટી લીસ્ટ
દેવભુમિ દ્વારકા જિલ્લાફેર બદલી સિનિયોરીટી લીસ્ટ
પોરબંદર જિલ્લાફેર બદલી સિનિયોરીટી લીસ્ટ
જામનગર જિલ્લાફેર બદલી સિનિયોરીટી લીસ્ટ
ડાંગ જિલ્લાફેર બદલી સિનિયોરીટી લીસ્ટ

 District Fair Seniority List

Unique initiative of Porbandar District Education Committee

10 days for submission if there's any improvement.

Subjectwise and Year Wise Seniority List PDF

Today's man believes less in diligence and more in Muqaddar. Today's man wants to succeed but doesn't want to lose anything for him. He is forgetting that successes are mixed with diligence , not luck. Remember, luck is formed only a person works hard.

On seeing someone's magnificent kothi, many of us say that they want their luck would are like this, but they forget that this lucky kothi, the magnificent car wasn't only given to them haply but it had been diligence behind it. It is bound to meet Muqaddar, but those that work as hard as they are doing leave.

luck are often expected, but nothing are often more senseless than achieving success on the idea of empty luck.

After identification of God, the love that is still in body and body related matter is wrong. The saint is my soul.

And God and Lord's abode and devotees of God is that the same truth; Therefore, never bring attribute . To serve with reverence and glory.

As you still attempt to behave in such how , your body will disappear and therefore the spirit will awaken. 

After that, their service will start to be a divine life, so serve with body, mind and wealth by being friendly towards everyone; still apologize to the relative of the body.

All district Seniority List for District Transfer Applications

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Monday, 24 May 2021


 The "Home Learning" program was run through Girnar, Byseg's Vande Gujarat Channel, YouTube, WhatsApp, Gujarat Virtual School (GVS) as well as Home Learning Literature.  You are all well aware that the new academic session will start from June 06, 2018.  The study of this Gyansetu literature will be done by the state government during the first month of this new academic session. 

Important links 

Official SOP માર્ગદર્શિકા વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

વાલી સંમતિપત્રક ડાઉનલોડ કરો.

The pre-re-syllabus of the standard in which the students have been admitted since June 2021 in the form of bridge course as well as the understanding / repetition / rehearsal of the standard learning outcome to understand the syllabus of the current year.  

Bridge Course - Class Readiness: School Readiness for Gyansetu Sahitya Std. 1, Class Readiness for Std. 6,7 - Gujarati, Mathematics, Gujarati for Std. 6 to 8, Mathematics and English as well as Gujarati, Mathematics, English and Science subjects for Std. 10 are included.  

State government primary and secondary schools as well as KGBV.  , Model, Model Day, This literature will be delivered to the students of Std. 1 to 10 of Ashram schools by Gujarat State School Textbook Board by 09 June 2021.  Softcopies of this literature will also be placed on the website of the entire Education Office.  Training on "Bridge Course ClassReadiness: Gyansetu" for Std. 1 to 10 teachers will be organized from 04 to 06 June 2021 in collaboration with GSERT and Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education through BYSEG and MS team.

Std. 1 to 10: Bridge Course - Class Readiness: Details of Gyansetu Literature and Link to Download Subject Wise Literature..





DATE:-07/06/2021  STD 1 TO 5 TIME:-8.00 AM LINK:- CLICK HERE.

DATE:-08/06/2021  STD 6 TO 8 TIME:-8.00 AM LINK:- CLICK HERE.

DATE:-09/06/2021  STD 9 TO 10 TIME:-8.00 AM LINK :- CLICK HERE.


બ્રિજકોર્સ – કલાસ રેડીનેશઃ જ્ઞાનસેતુ સાહિત્યની વિગતો



સાહિત્યની વિગત

ડાઉનલોડ લીંક

ધોરણ -૧

શાળા તત્પરતા   

ssa-pdf Download

શાળા તત્પરતા શિક્ષક આવૃત્તિ

ssa-pdf Download

ધોરણ -૨

વર્ગ તત્પરતા

ssa-pdf Download

ધોરણ -૩

વર્ગ તત્પરતા

ssa-pdf Download

ધોરણ -૪

જ્ઞાનસેતુ ગુજરાતી  

ssa-pdf Download

જ્ઞાનસેતુ ગણિત  

ssa-pdf Download

ધોરણ -૫

જ્ઞાનસેતુ ગુજરાતી  

ssa-pdf Download

જ્ઞાનસેતુ અંગેજી  

ssa-pdf Download

જ્ઞાનસેતુ ગણિત  

ssa-pdf Download

ધોરણ -૬


જ્ઞાનસેતુ ગુજરાતી  

ssa-pdf Download


જ્ઞાનસેતુ અંગેજી  

ssa-pdf Download


જ્ઞાનસેતુ ગણિત  

ssa-pdf Download

ધોરણ -૭


જ્ઞાનસેતુ ગુજરાતી  

ssa-pdf Download


જ્ઞાનસેતુ અંગેજી  

ssa-pdf Download


જ્ઞાનસેતુ ગણિત  

ssa-pdf Download

ધોરણ -૮


જ્ઞાનસેતુ ગુજરાતી  

ssa-pdf Download


જ્ઞાનસેતુ અંગેજી  

ssa-pdf Download


જ્ઞાનસેતુ ગણિત  

ssa-pdf Download

ધોરણ -૯


જ્ઞાનસેતુ ગુજરાતી  

ssa-pdf Download


જ્ઞાનસેતુ અંગેજી  

ssa-pdf Download


જ્ઞાનસેતુ ગણિત  

ssa-pdf Download

ધોરણ -૧૦


જ્ઞાનસેતુ ગુજરાતી  

ssa-pdf Download


જ્ઞાનસેતુ અંગેજી  

ssa-pdf Download


જ્ઞાનસેતુ ગણિત  

ssa-pdf Download

Important link..

જીઆર ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

 Students from Std. 1 to Std. 1 in the entire state will be taught for one month using this "Bridge Course ClassReadiness: Gyansetu" material. Std. 1 to 10 students will also have to use last year's textbooks in the study of this material.  Students will have to do writing work in this material and also students from Std-9 to 10 will have to make a separate notebook.  

So that the teacher friends can know the learning level of the students as well as the things they have studied and can give the necessary guidance to the students for that. 

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Friday, 21 May 2021


 Get education. Increase in enrollment Compared to the fifth survey of 1986 (1997), the quality of the sixth survey: 1 to five has seen a rise in enrollment of 12.84% children. Standard: From 6th to 7th, the enrollment of youngsters has increased by 34.42%.

While enrollment of youngsters in standard 9 to 12 has increased by 61.17%. Increase in the number of schools . The number of primary schools up to plain seven has increased by 14.96%. The number of secondary schools has increased by 11.11%.

Important link

જુન 2021થી બદલાતા પુસ્તકોનું લિસ્ટ અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

All help guruji whatsapp group

The number of upper secondary schools has increased by 7.75%. Educational Institutions for youngsters with Disabilities There are 53 schools for youngsters with disabilities in Gujarat, out of which 14 are located in rural areas and 39 in urban areas. . 0 Episodes ... Devji Rathod A student in my class comes late a day . Come and sit quietly in the last row.

Today he has to be taught a lesson. That's where he entered the class. I was getting to sit within the place I had selected a day , that's where I said: A ... e ... come here! It came close to me. Nat Mastak stood politely as he couldn't check out me due to the craze in my eyes.

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Wednesday, 19 May 2021

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