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Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Government Secondary Recruitment- School Allocation List of Qualified Waiting List Candidate

Government Secondary Recruitment- School Allocation List of Qualified Waiting List Candidates Announced..

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Government Secondary Recruitment- School Allocation List of Qualified Waiting List Candidates Announced 

Employee Eid resigns his responsibility.  For the well-being of the children and for the upliftment and self-interest of the nation, Mathasubanta will be a mentor in the educational work of the students.  According to the government's SOP and guideline, we will fulfill the responsibility of the child and his / her duty. 

Adolescence is a continuous process and oxygen.  In which the student is a drug addict and the teacher is an ascetic. 

Government Secondary Recruitment- School Allocation List of Qualified Waiting List Candidates Announced

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Let me tell you why I did this, from Kotdipara and outside.  The children of the farm laborers who come here study here.  If you look at it like this, the history of Kotdipara village is very close.  From the original Kotdi village, Kotdipara village was settled in 121. 

Ghusabhai and Ranabhai took over the reins of the village. Five acres of land was taken to settle the village.  Its sixteen were divided.  Surprisingly, considering the spirit of the villagers, they reserved a part for Nishal and a school was built at Kotdipara.









Kotdipara saw the glitter of light at the very end of 18!  So much background had to be built that I had to visit the school today.  Where is Rajula in Chhewada taluka of inland Amreli district?  - Such questions arise.  But now the Pipavav port is bustling with cement companies.

Acharyasri Lakhanbhai Kataria's insistence that the villages of Rajula taluka of Chhewada visit our school once.  Also known as inland.  Flower-like schools flourish in those villages.

As soon as you set foot in the school premises of some of them, the mind ‘Baghbagh’ schools spread the fragrance from the flowers.  Done.  Beautiful garden in the school compound, clean yard, hammock, nice fun swings for children November 13 - 2018.

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Tuesday, 23 February 2021

1 Semester Primary school Exam Time Table

1st Semester Primary school Exam Time Table
The government has decided to require the primary semester diagnostic assay of youngsters in Std 3 to eight when schools couldn't be started thanks to Corona. After taking the test, the test are going to be checked by the teachers then the web entry of Marcus also will be done. An evaluation sheet will provided by the Command and Control Center.

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24/2/2021નો પરિપત્ર ડાઉનલોડ કરો

Download Exam time Table : Click Here

Home learning has been started by the government as children are unable to attend school thanks to the Koro epidemic.
The unit was tested in July. The second unit will be tested in August.
You will be able to download the unit test papers from here as it is not possible to send hard copy to every child due to the current Corona epidemic.
Ekam Kasoti Samay Patrak October 2020.
covid.19 for the aim of assessment with homling during the time
Periodic assessment tests were conducted in July, August and September for college kids of Std. 1 to eight in each medium in primary schools.
Considering the subsequent things about the test to be taken within the month of October.Action is requested.
Mathematics test will be taken while in Std. 6 to eight Mathematics, Science and science subjects are going to be taken.
The test will be taken.
The above periodic evaluation test dt. It will be held from October 4 to six . Tests in text or soft copy would reach the scholars by 9/10/2030.
Ta. Tests of all mediums are going to be made available on GCERT's website (www, on 9/10/2050 also as Gujarati medium tests which may even be seen within the textbook index 4R QR code of that subject.

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Monday, 22 February 2021

1st Semester Primary school Exam Time Table

 1st Semester Primary school Exam Time Table

The government has decided to take the first semester diagnostic test of children in Std 3 to 8 when schools could not be started due to Corona. After taking the test, the test will be checked by the teachers and then the online entry of Marcus will also be done. An evaluation sheet will be provided by the Command and Control Center.





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Download Exam time Table : Click Here

Gujarat grade school Ekam Kasoti schedule October 2020

GCERT Gujarat conducts unit test of all children of Gujarat every Saturday.

Home learning has been started by the government as children are unable to attend school thanks to the Koro epidemic.

The unit was tested in July. The second unit will be tested in August.

covid.19 for the aim of assessment with homling during the time

Periodic assessment tests were conducted in July, August and September for college kids of Std. 1 to eight in each medium in primary schools.

Considering the subsequent things about the test to be taken within the month of October.Action is requested.

Mathematics test will be taken while in Std. 6 to eight Mathematics, Science and science subjects are going to be taken.

The test will be taken.

The above periodic evaluation test dt. 

Ta. Tests of all mediums are going to be made available on GCERT's website (www, on 9/10/2050 also as Gujarati medium tests which may even be seen within the textbook index 4R QR code of that subject.

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How To Seal EVM CU With paper seal and Strip Seal

Important precautions while sealing with strip seal:While fixing strip, make sure the rubber cap covering the “CLOSE”
button is left clear and there's no difficulty in removing the rubber
cap and operating that ‘CLOSE’ button.
Each polling place are going to be furnished with three (3) strip seals.Account for every strip seal supplied to the polling place for the
conduct of poll within the Presiding Officers’ Diary.Return every strip seal that has not been used (including the strips
How To Seal EVM Control Unit With paper seal and Strip Seal
Important links for Election 2021

ચૂંટણીમા રોકાયેલા કર્મચારીઓ (પ્રિસાઈડિંગ ઓફિસર,પોલિંગ ઓફિસર, પટાવાળા) વગેરેને ચૂકવવા પાત્ર મહેનતાણાના દર
પ્રિસાઇડિંગ અને પોલીંગ ઓફિસર માટે મતદાન ટાકાવારી માટે ઉપયોગી એપ્લિકેશન
●કન્ટ્રોલ યુનિટમા ગ્રીન પેપર સીલ અને સ્ટ્રીપ સીલ વડે સીલીંગ કેમ કરવુ અને A B C D કેમ ગોઠવવી તેનો વિડીયો
પ્રિસાઇડિંગ ઓફિસર ના કાર્યો ની માહિતી  ફાઈલ
પ્રિસાઈડિંગ ઓફિસરની ડાયરી કેવી રીતે ભરશો તેની સમજ આપતો વિડીયો.
ચુંટણી દરમિયાન પ્રિસાઇડિંગ ઓફિસરે કરવાની થતી તૈયારી ની માહિતી ફાઈલ.
વોટીંગ મશીન અંગે ની તમામ માહિતી ગુજરાતીમાં (દરેક બટન,શિલિંગ પ્રક્રિયા સ્ટેપ BY સ્ટેપ)
ચુંટણી સૌથી ઉપયોગી તમામ કવર (વૈધાનિક,બિન વૈધાનિક કવર,અન્ય કવર માહિતી) કયા કવર માં કઈ માહિતી આવે તેની ડીટેલ માહિતી
ચુંટણી દરમિયાન થતી કામગીરી શોર્ટકટ યાદી (એક પેજમાં)
પ્રિસાઇડિંગ ઓફિસર ની ડાયરી ની સમજ માટે નમુનો.
ચુંટણી માટે જરૂરી ૨ કલાકે આપવાના આંકડા માટે ને ૪ જુદા નમુના.
ચુંટણી ઉપયોગી કયા ફોર્મ પર કોની સહી આવે તેની સમજ માટે.
ચુંટણી જરૂરી મોકપોલ પત્રક અને તેનો  નમુનો
ચુંટણી માં જરૂરી PSO-5 ફોર્મ નો નમુનો (સૌથી જરૂરી)
સમગ્ર ચુંટણી પ્રક્રિયા માટે ઉપયોગી  પ્રિસાઇડિંગ ઓફિસર એપ્લીકેશન ખુબજ ઉપયોગી જરૂર થી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

Important precautions while sealing with strip seal:
1. While fixing strip, make sure the rubber cap covering the “CLOSE”
button is left clear and there's no difficulty in removing the rubber
cap and operating that ‘CLOSE’ button.

4. Each polling place are going to be furnished with three (3) strip seals.
5. Account for every strip seal supplied to the polling place for the
conduct of poll within the Presiding Officers’ Diary.
6. Return every strip seal that has not been used (including the strips
(or pieces thereof) damaged accidentally)

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Sunday, 21 February 2021

Identify vegetables (English name) Identify birds from pictures (English) Identify animals from the picture (English) fun for kids. 

The business of secondary education is not complete or water is not available. (A) 84 5 Art.  Kava came to higher education uj ne anule ૨ na [for people 1 dhaji ni famous raman # gar [m re udhaar i], is typical work is not found in kok veji dhyakaran. 

Not interested in preparing the ELA, conservation, order, too.  But, whether you or not, in Prama Kal Kem Ma 'Zikshan, Diko, Gin or Poo Bn Maryakram. 

Memo pane moko visham dum nakni mad mo ram * * H +1 to make, training and also for muhra kun na pa pa pa cup: Paro ma {[g e is also working.  2, to hold that short-term pradhya sammeth in the mind of Pikam Janani |  Towards the implementation of Geo and Swazik fairs also work in name key and enrollment capacity of about 10 lakh students in 9000 schools?

Created Ravihat 2.  Fundamentals have been laid for the introduction of vocational courses in the six main fields of science and education on agriculture, guessing and commerce, engineering and technology, health and paediatrics, ham maya and humanity.  You are responsible for developing courses and court materials. 

Based on the recommendations of various committees / review groups, the scheme was launched by Mudhari and Mokari in 2018 as a Central Rewarded Scheme for Professionalization of Higher Secondary Education.





It takes about a year to implement vocational courses in 6800 schools and 5 admissions can be obtained in vocational courses in schools of State / UTs.

Negative umbrella and low ambitious value in the main avari po, lack of integration with general education, lack of skill demand and supply, lack of affiliation of Udha, quality standards  Lack of concerted efforts to satisfy and best use of resources, lack of employment skills in the curriculum, improper operation of quality assurance framework and lack of focus on proper equipment technology, Activity: 1 Ideas - Connect - Share  Vocational education, Objective:

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Make it feel a little warm in the cold, spread it.  That should be emphasized.  What else is there to wear?  Give me a nylon example, 'Dawn of Life'.  Wear?  So what will happen in summer?  Show plastic 'Gandhi' movie!  ‘Stay tuned, can anyone wear clothes? 

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ચૂંટણીના ભરેલ ફોર્મના નમૂના ડાઉનલોડ કરો

વારંવાર ઉદભવતા પ્રશ્નો અને જવાબની પીડીએફ ડાઉનલોડ કરો

EVM સિલિગની પ્રક્રિયાનો વિડીયો

So Munnabhai of Nylon is also good.  Stick to the youth Clothing is plastic clothing!  More interest in nylon munnabhai!  There is no one else to clothe you like I do.  Give an example.  Not artificial at all.  Who would I call 'modern'?  For example, I went to Dublin - Ireland.

There was a conference on education by going to a distance sanitation facility.  There I found a modern Australian nymph preaching a hygiene.  He told me: Don't say!  So, will there be more dirt there, this evening we will tell Gandhi in Falana Theater!  So we are going to see a very shallow concept film! 

I said - "We have a lot.  Gandhiji is any great!  You will enjoy!  You will like it !!   I have landed it, I have landed deep in life.  Asked “Sister!  How is the movie  Anne's question: Gandhi's literature.

Gandhi had tears in his eyes.  He said - "Even about how cruel we are ... revenge when giving to the new generation!  What do we all need to be aware of about this messenger of peace?  Were cruel!  He did not say that Godse was cruel!  He said we were all good! 

Answer: You have to dilute!  To give an example, the whole mankind is Rajchandra for the cruelty with Shrimad Gandhi, Gandhiji is responsible for establishing him as Gurupada.  The lady was Sabarmati.  No matter how great I am, I have not seen his ashram,.


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Saturday, 20 February 2021

Gujarat government has launched Road Accident Victim Compensation Schemes.

all or any the road accident victims within the first 48 hours. This scheme are getting to be applicable for all people whether resident of Gujarat or an outsider meeting road accidents within the state. Victims are going to be ready to get admitted for treatment in any of the govt or private hospital within the state.
Gujarat government accident Yojana pdf
This scheme may be a major step of the state govt. to reduce the amount of deaths thanks to accidents. Providing timely and best available treatment to the victims during the golden hour after accident will minimize the loss of lifetime of people.
Key Provisions :
Under the scheme, the government will bear medical expenses of up to 50,000 rupees for every victim of a road accident within the state for the primary 48 hours.
The government would reimburse the quantity to the hospital concerned upon submission of bills.
The free treatment facility will include dressing of wounds, X-ray, transfusion , treatment in ICU and MRI and every one other treatment available during a hospital.
In an instance where a hospital refers the patient to a different hospital within 48 hours, both the hospitals are going to be eligible for the reimbursement of their combined bill of Rs 50,000.
The move is aimed toward providing timely and better treatment and thus, minimising the loss of life thanks to road accidents.
Who will benefit from the scheme?
their income if they meet with a road accident and obtain admitted to a government or a personal hospital in Gujarat.
Gujarat accident Policy Form
The intention of the state govt. is clearly to assist people facing road accidents anywhere in Gujarat.
Vahan Akasmat Yojana Gujarat pdf Download
In Gujarat, around 29,300 accidents happen per annum out of which around 6,400 leads to death of patients.
Providing absolute best treatment during a timely manner will help in saving many lives. For this reason, govt. will provide instructions to the private hospitals to start out giving free treatment and submit their bills with the officials for reimbursement.
Important Link :

Important Link :

For more details વાહન અકસ્માત સહાય યોજના GR

વાહન અકસ્માત સહાય માટે નું ફોર્મ Download here

The person suffering from an accident are getting to be provided in any private hospital, district-taluka hospitals, medical colleges-hospitals or the opposite public or private hospital. Accident patients won't got to pay any money for primary treatment. Private hospitals won't got to take any money from the patient for the first 48 hours of treatment. Khalang hospitals will got to submit a bill of treatment to the District District Officer or Doctor Superintendent of the respective district, and thus the private hospital are going to tend a sum of up to 50 thousand rupees for the bill.

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Friday, 19 February 2021

Bank Name: Punjab National BankP Posts Name: Peon no.Of Posts:22

Punjab National Bank (PNB) Gujarat Recruitment 2021.

 Name: Punjab BankNational Bank

Post Name:Peon

No.Of Posts:22


Read Official Advertisement.

Read official advertisement 2.

Punjab commercial bank (PNB) Gujarat Recruitment 2021 for Peon Posts
The Punjab commercial bank (PNB) Gujarat has released an employment notification inviting candidates to use for the positions of below mentioned posts.This is an excellent chance for interested candidates who are trying to find Punjab commercial bank (PNB) Gujarat Jobs 2021. Before applying for the post, candidates should make sure that he/ she fulfills the eligibility criteria and other conditions mentioned during this advertisement. Candidates are advised to carefully read the complete advertisement for details of educational qualification and other eligibility criteria before submission of application. more detailed information regarding educational qualification,age limit,selection procedure,how to apply ,last date for Punjab commercial bank (PNB) Gujarat Vacancy 2021 are mentioned below.

Punjab National Bank (PNB) Gujarat Recruitment 2021
Name of Organization: Punjab National Bank (PNB) Gujarat
Name of Posts : Peon
District wise posts:
• Banaskantha: 04
• Gandhinagar: 05
• Mehsana: 07
• Patan: 02
• Sabarkantha: 01
• Surendranagar: 03
• Bharuch- 01
• Dahod- 01
• Panchmahal -01
• Anand- 02
• Kheda -01
• Chhota udepur -01
• Vadodara- 04
Educational Qualification: 12th Pass
Pay Scale : 14,500 / - to 28145/-
Selection Process : candidates are going to be selected supported merit.
How to Apply PNB Gujarat Vacancy?

Bank Name: Punjab National BankP Post Name: PeonN o.Of Posts:22

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Thursday, 18 February 2021

SSA Gujarat Online Hajari: School Attendance & Dise




Captcha Code IMAGE.

Here you've got to login using your name and password.
Now you'll easily fill your online attendance form
Teacher’s Login Procedure

Important link

Click here for online Hajari

First of all you've got to travel to the official website of the SSA Gujarat. you've got to click on the choice of “Teacher Portal” within the menu.  this page you'll see a login form. Enter your User Name and Password within the given box.
After entering the small print Press the check in Button to login to the portal.
Download Study From Home Material
Schools are still closed thanks to Corona viral infection . Online classes are started for the scholar to continue his studies. you'll get the study material from the steps given here.
First of all, attend SSA Gujarat Official Portal to urge the study material.
Click on the link “Study from Home Material” within the Important Links section on the homepage of the web site .
You can also click on the house Learning option, a replacement page will open with standard intelligent video and textbook links.
Here you'll hit the link to observe PDF or video or click on the “Download” button to download

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Counting of votes for the six municipal corporations will happen on February 23, and for the 81 municipalities, 31 district panchayats and 231 taluka panchayats on Texas Independence Day .
The ruling BJP expressed confidence about winning these polls, while the opposition Congress said it might mount a legal challenge on poll authorities announcing two separate days for counting of votes.
The six municipal corporations to travel to polls are Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Jamnagar and Bhavnagar.
"Polls in six municipal corporations are going to be persisted February 21 and counting of votes will happen on February 23. Polls will happen within the 81 municipalities, 31 district panchayats and 231 taluka panchayats on February 28 and results are going to be declared on Texas Independence Day ," Gujarat Election Commissioner Sanjay Prasad said.
The last date to file nominations for the municipal corporation elections are going to be February 6, while it'll be February 13 for the opposite set of polls, he said at a news conference here, adding that the model code of conduct had inherit force immediately.

He said standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the polls are going to be declared soon, and five meetings on this issue had been held thus far with the state health department.
EVMs are going to be used for the polls, of which the SEC has adequate numbers, but the VVPAT mechanism won't be deployed, Prasad informed.
A total of 47,695 booths are going to be found out for the polls, of which over 6,000 are marked sensitive, and 4.2 crore voters are eligible to vote
In reply to a question on the counting of votes of the municipal corporations and other local bodies being kept on two separate days, Prasad said the SEC had followed the tradition laid down earlier, and added that the coronavirus outbreak and resultant protocols had made it difficult to carry counting of votes for various polls at an equivalent time.

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Regarding counting the period of election duty on polling staff on the second day of polling ../ re-polling

Regarding the general elections of 6 Municipal Corporations, 81 Municipalities, 31 District Panchayats, 231 Taluka Panchayats and by-elections of 2 seats of Junagadh Municipal Corporation and by-elections of vacant seats of other local bodies. The program is announced on 23/1/2021.

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મતદાન સ્ટાફ માટેની SOP ડાઉનલોડ કરો

Click hers to Download

In local body elections, election duty personnel usually arrive at the receiving center late at night after polling on the day of polling or early the next morning if the distance is too high to return the polling materials. In the current Covid-19 epidemic situation, in some cases, there may be a delay in the arrival of polling teams at the receiving center in stages. Therefore, considering the relatively long tenure of the election staff on duty and the difficulty in attending their office on the second day of polling, the election duty staff on the second day of polling will have to consider this day as their duty attendance if they cannot be present at their original office. The State Election Commission has decided not to be present at the original office.

Regarding counting the period of election duty on polling staff on the second day of polling / re-polling

The above instructions will also apply in case of re-polling. No additional allowance can be levied for this period.

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Wednesday, 17 February 2021

CIRCULAR - Teleconference for Std 6 to 8 Teachers for School Reopen Instruction.

CIRCULAR - Teleconference for Std 6 to eight Teachers for college Reopen Instructions.

At ituti At the guts of Kennedy Krieger’s reputation for excellence are donors who provide gifts to further the research, treatment, education, and community programs that benefit thousands of youngsters per annum . These vital elements of Kennedy Krieger’s mission haven't been more important than they're today.

There are some ways one person can make a difference…and a present . If you would like , you'll prefer to designate a selected program to receive your support, and/or you'll prefer to celebrate a special day , honor or memorialize a private , or recognized an accomplishment together with your gift.

Tribute Giving provides you with the chance to form a difference within the lifetime of a toddler through a present to the Kennedy Krieger Foundation in honor of somebody special.

Perhaps you would like to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. or even you would like to form an honor or memorial gift. it's going to even be that you simply just want to recognized someone whose life touched yours during a remarkable way.

Whatever the inspiration, your gift may be a meaningful thanks to say “thank you” to someone you appreciate. Did you recognize that an estimated $6-10 billion in matching gift funds go unclaimed every year?

Matching gifts are offered by many employers as how to feature to employee contributions and impact.Does your employer match your donations to organizations like ours? determine now. Type your employer's name within the box below to find out about matching opportunitites:

Important link..

પરિપત્ર વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો||Download Jio Tv

👉મુદ્દા ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

CIRCULAR - Teleconference for Std 6 to eight Teachers for college Reopen Instructions.

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Tuesday, 16 February 2021

School Poster 2021

School Poster 2021
the areas of the three walls are furnished in different forms, here the place of the wall is covered with glazed glass, a curtained curtain is placed over it, so that the balance of the sun shade remains evenly. The picture has been chosen according to the color of the middle wall. The light emanating from the chandelier hanging from the ceiling is giving a beautiful shimmer to the wall and the picture on it. Look at the texture of the wall that accompanies it, light dark stone blocks made of equal size are decorated back and forth unevenly, the light falling on them further furnishing the wall.
furnishing the wall.

Important link..
furnishing the wall.



students of India to bring out their interest in science and their talents within the students of India. The Government of India is additionally making special efforts to encourage such students to spread their ideas to other countries of the planet also on promote their ideas and talents. Efforts are being made to bring out the students who are interested in science subject. The government intends that students who want to bring their talents in science to the forefront of the planet should have a chance to present their ideas to the world through this science fiction discovery. .

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Whatsapp Assesment test status report..

Whatsapp Assesment test status report

Capacity-centered education There is ample scope to be assimilated as the new education approach unfolds.  We’ve cut the floor of the book half a decade.  The child gets 1 quality education to do justice to the content and the five cycles in the same way - quality education is tried in our textbooks.  There is a purpose here.

Whatsapp Assesment test status report




  At the base of which is the Capacity Center Course (M.LL.) that the child learns in the schools of Dang, Panchmahal and Banaskantha districts.  Textbooks are more fun and exciting than our 'enjoyable and active learning' meaning towards good results.  Standard 1 to 2 are placed on a trial basis.  From time to time I get very good response from my teacher friends about the minimum study level. 

The response has been good so everyone in grades 1 to 4 has been able to assimilate independently.  But there is enough room for some friends to do this.  The matter is brought to the attention of the teacher to know his difficulties: there must be numbers.  While in class 5 to 7 the load with abilities and in this M.L.L.  There are other things that can be done.  The child is neither direct nor indirect.  Or else this approach seems overwhelming.  Hardly understands it. 

Capabilities remain central.  Felt.  Naturally, the basic purpose is to assimilate the abilities that seem to be the burden of misunderstanding.  When rest and difficulty are felt.  Understanding is automatically cultivated when it seems necessary.  Discussions with teachers, instructors, pedagogists, and those who provide expertise in this Head, Hand and Heart knowledge, skills and approach lead to a three-dimensional development of value, which, unlike other topics, leads to a conclusion that, where  Language education about MLLL is especially applicable. 

There have been maximum theoretical discussions in the training, only given the text and abilities of the definition: given this approach, due to misunderstanding, we feel that the heavyweight child will achieve the level of proficiency in the ability and as a result, teacher friends MLL's India is the target.  Achieving many abilities without textbook support seems confusing, but the facts are different.  ”Can happen.  E.g.  Listens intelligently.

Whatsapp Assesment test status report

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Download Youtube Kids Android application

Encourage children to get the planet , with a set of parental controls

A world of learning and fun, made only for kids
We created YouTube Kids to form it safer and simpler for youngsters to explore the planet through online video – from their favourite shows and music to learning the way  But no system is ideal and inappropriate videos can slip through, so we're constantly working to enhance our safeguards and offer more features to assist parents create the proper experience for his or her families.

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Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan Study online study partner to organize the perfect path to be present .. Subject - to be present to organize the perfect lesson for subsequent academic work. Regarding the above subject, it's stated that within the school year ranging from 8th June, it's impossible to call students to colleges for tutorial Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan work thanks to the present Koro epidemic. Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan in order that for the tutorial work of the scholars of Std. 3 to eight and Std. 5 of the state level through TV i.e. Doordarshan Kendra - content based video / Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan educational lessons for the scholars from 9 to 12.
STD 3 to five SEM 1
Maswar planning over traditional has many Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan advantages: it's more collaborative, more visual and Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan easier to use.
Maswar planning is additionally known Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan as annual planning. Annual planning Std. 1 to eight helps to strengthen Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan the regular teaching schedule and keep Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan it in line with the future annual plan. It helps you stay organized and plan lessons weeks beforehand , Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan

STD 3 TO 5 SEM 1


STD 3 TO 5 SEM 2


meaning less stress and longer Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan to supply more Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan support where needed. The annual planning Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan standard 1 to eight also acts as a contingency against the Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan difficulties that occur throughout the year, i.e. teachers are going to be more prepared for what happens. Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan

STD 6 TO 8 SEM 1

STD - 6         STD - 7        STD - 8

STD 6 TO 8 SEM 2

STD - 6         STD - 7        STD - 8

STD 6 to eight GCERT has Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan announced monthly educational planning for the tutorial year Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan 2020-21. it's necessary to


follow this annual plan for educational Varshik Ayojan - Masik Aayojan add schools.

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Monday, 15 February 2021



Let's get acquainted with the word prepositions. & IN / INTO: Both mean 'in'. But INTO comes with dynamic verbs. E.g. The teacher is going into the clas8 - room. (The teacher is going to the classroom.) Used in the rest of the circumstances, e.g. The water is in the well. (suhi well 9.) At is used for word indicators like જેવા At (at the place of , time, etc.). E.g. Look at the sun, (Look at the sun.)

The pupil is at the window. (Student is by the window.) He went at 6 o'clock. (He left at six o'clock.) $ To (until, towards, in the direction of) e.g. He will read this book from three to five o'clock. (He will read this book from 3 to 5 p.m.) Raju is going to the school. (Raju goes to school). Shrinath will throw the ball to Ganguly. (Srinath will throw the ball towards Ganguly.) Is With (from, with, Tara, Vade, Vati) Rupa will cut the mango with knife.

(Rupa will cut the mango with a knife.) Gopal will talk with Govind, (Gopal will talk with Govind.) Sonal will write a lesson with a pencil. (Sonal will write the lesson with a pencil.) From is the opposite of To.  (Mahesh will come from Surendranagar.) The pupils are coming from the school, (Students are coming from school.)

Take the pen from the bag. (uchiel un) By: (from or by) This is the story by Tulsidas. (This is written by (from) Tulsidas.) The sentence here is from the verb (write - towrite). B Near: (-1909) The pupil is near the teacher's chair. (Student is near the teacher's chair.) 5 Behind: (behind) Mongiya is behind the stumps.




(Mogia is behind the stumps.) Under: (below) "The cow is under the tree. (Cow is under the tree.) $ On: (above) The nest is on the branch. (Nest is on the branch.) Educational, Nagarpali % School No. 1, Sardar Society, Surendranagar We all are looking for, longing and needing the hope of happiness, the hope of happiness, the reward of love. It is possible to find it in our classroom! 27.

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Sunday, 14 February 2021


Previously 22 Research Page no.  If the teacher of a school in a small Dang region from 6 does not use the Dangi dialect and training,  district of Gujarat working under Gandhinagar, how will the subject matter be addressed by the Education and Training Bhavans during the year 1998-99 and a song in his dialect to a child of that region.

125(one hundred and twenty five) researches were conducted.  If you can get across, you have to feed the essence of 114 (one hundred and fourteen) researches which have been approved.  The bookmaker decided to publish all these positive signs.  59 of them have made this possibl.

Due to the generous and positive research work of the organizers due to their approach to Gandhi Vidyapeeth at Vedchi.  The face of an elementary education has blossomed, carried out.  The enthusiasm, vigor and joy that this writer seems to have in the present air in this work, if given the opportunity to live all this, was found to be due to the positive attitude towards primary teachers and accordingly to the professors of primary training colleges who excel in research work.

Professors who were lacking in education are now doing research enthusiastically and the world is out of this inhumane framework.  Also, the coming Bhagirath work of this research survey - is the importance of research in human life?  We all analyze, analyze what the district education has said and decide based on it that the training buildings are not in vain, we shape the behavior.  But still ... we have taken up it widely in our society but in the primary institutions or in various fields research has not been given much importance, especially in education and its good education. 

There are very few researches that can be used in practice, and the result is adopted Advanced Action Research which is therapeutic and has been carried out continuously i.e. M.L.L.  But we have kept our eyes peeled for that too ... But now the next decade of Gujarat Government (Minimum / Primary Education Department without stress - fun education - the level of education in the active year has risen to the level of education and the contribution of research, action research is small  Face proper Learning) Why this breath, |  No.

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The research climate is such that car-holding practices in the field of primary education  The GCERT has no doubt that any primary school teacher or the right person will do the research.  It also plans to provide incentive grants.  This is our humble approach, and a positive thing.  Primary teachers should respond appropriately.  'To believe.  Furthermore, management is about research.


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Saturday, 13 February 2021

Set your picture in Valentine's Photo Frame and share with your love ones

Set your picture in Valentine's Photo Frame and share together with your loves ones
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ફોટોફ્રેમ બનાવવા અહીંથી એપ ડાઉનલોડ કરો

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PAN card will be available in just that minutes

Enjoy!  / Months wait for PAN card is over now, PAN card will be available in just that minute

You no longer need to fill out a two page form to create a new PAN card.  The Income Tax department is coming up with a special facility for this.  Under which PAN card will be issued free of cost to any dependent taxpayer.

.  The new page number will be issued to the applicant in PDF format in just 10 minutes.


CM erupted here: I'm in a bad mood these days, keep going or I'll be buried 10 feet into the ground
Shiv Sena's shocking remark: Congress responsible for not ending farmers' movement

After Britain came the case of strain in these 2 places, find out if the new strain can be stopped by the corona vaccine?
Similarly, the processing fees, inspections and ledger folio charges levied by the Modi government for making Kisan credit cards to provide relief to farmers have now been abolished.  In addition, Kisan Credit Card will now offer loans up to Rs 3 lakh at an interest rate of only four per cent.  In addition, loans up to Rs 1.60 lakh will be available without any guarantee.

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Circular - Primary School Std 6 to 8 Class Sharu karava babat

Circular - grade school Std 6 to eight Class Sharu karva babat

the information obtained through this research is wonderful.  It's not that everything is there, the findings are used to improve the curriculum.  Difficulties come, mistakes also happen.  Because the task of developing the curriculum or the textbooks, even if the errors are positively assessed, the task of preparing is the work of only two or four accomplished human beings.  Mistakes are admitted.  

The experience of the teachers of that subject is also not considered in this regard. We have been involved with the Additional Director of GCERT, so their suggestions also became important in the speech.  Are given .  This is a very important matter ..... The limitations of some of the research that has been carried out so far have been accepted by two or four people, i.e. experts, who came together and instinctively accepted it and also prepared a textbook of its reasons.  Not only the involvement in the coming year but also the teachers will be involved in this work.  

Primary teachers were ordered to attend school

વાંચો સમાચાર ગુજરાતી માં 

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This is done entirely - at the primary level.  Moreover, the importance of their views is open, analytical, liberal and positive approach and necessary changes are also made on that basis.  E.g.  Seen in his speech and performance.  This approach is found in one of these researches which is found in the leadership of the class which currently uses the regional dialect in most of the teachers in the District Education Training Building classrooms which found the educational achievement of the changed children of primary education to be remarkably high .....  

The witness is complete.  Such an environment of education can be seen at the new entry level in Std. 1 and 2 on the basis of all these findings and it is written in the textbook of the textbook that there will be learning without stress, enjoyable learning, and  But you can expect a year to come and change the content accordingly.  E.g.  Thanks: Gujaratmitra (17 - ll. "99) Os Ruro.

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Friday, 12 February 2021

Work News / Schools in Gujarat will be regularized from this date Std. 9th to 12th

Work News / Schools in Gujarat are going to be regularized from this date of Std. 9th to 12th
While the amount of corona cases is declining day by day in Gujarat and no new corona cases are being registered in many districts of the state, the govt is now preparing to regularize primary schools after Std. 10-12 and Std. 9-11. The Department of Primary Education has issued a circular to run all the primary schools in the state from 9 am for full time. In addition, one hundred pc of teachers will now need to be called in every school, i.e. 100 percent attendance.

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આજનો લેટેસ્ટ ન્યુઝ રીપોર્ટ અહિંથી વાંચો
Teachers and headteachers should be present in the school and do educational activities like school accreditation, evaluation of street education, unit test verification, and data entry. Students aren't to be called to high school under any circumstances. All DPOs will have to give instructions to the Taluka Primary Education Officer, Education Inspectors, and CRC-BRC Coordinator in this regard. At which level teachers-head teachers have to be instructed

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