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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Men should know that these 4 things related to their private parts

Men should know that these 4 things related to their private parts

In terms of science, men should know about their heart, kidneys and liver in the same way, men should also know some things about their private parts. Why men sometimes have to face some major problems because of not knowing these things. Today, in this context, science will try to know about the things related to men's private parts, which should be known to all men. These are good for men as well as their health. So let's know that in detail men should know that these 4 things related to their private party.

1. According to Science, men's private parts are made of a bell called Dorsal. When the desire to build relationships in the body of men is awakened, then there is tension in the dorsal bahon and it becomes as strong as the bones. Therefore, men should maintain caution during the relationship. Why sometimes it is considered when after the dorsal bone is strengthened, when it gets excessive pressure over need. The men have to face many problems.

2 .Those men, whose rash comes out on the private part of the person and during urine, they feel irritation and pain, this is not good news for men. Why there is such a problem in the private part of men only when private parties have transit in Austin. This infection is sometimes proven to be fatal for men and gives rise to a major disease in the body. Therefore, if a man is facing such problem with his private person, then he should contact the doctor immediately.

3 .According to Sciences, men who are not born or have less tension during their relationship in private part, this problem is due to lack of Testosterone hormones in men's private parts. These men also face a lot of problems in becoming a father. If such a problem arises in a person's private parts, then it should be consumed with food containing calcium as well as the amount of fiber. According to a research, fiber is the most helpful in increasing the amount of testosterone hormones in the body.

4 .You will find it absolutely amazing to hear this that men's private parts are part of the body in which there is no single bone. But when it comes to stress, it becomes stronger than bones. Not only this, this private part of men is found only along with bone and fat and only hemoglobin is found. The amount of calcium in them is zero percent. Men should have enough information about this private part so that their body can be healthy and healthy.
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Eighth wonder of the world created in China, many people died during construction

Eighth wonder of the world created in China, many people died during construction

China has done something like this again recently that the world is once again forced to accept the country's iron in terms of technology. Yes, this time China has built the world's longest sea bridge. These bridges will work to connect Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China. A snacking road crossing and a tunnel have also been constructed in this bridge. This bridge has been constructed over the Pearl River.

The length of the tunnel made in the bridge is 6.7 kilometers. Gao Jinling, the project manager of this bridge, has to say about this that he had to work hard to build this tunnel. Sometimes it happened that he had to work continuously without sleeping at night. Inside the water, this tunnel has been built with the help of 80,000 tonne pipes. To build this tunnel under water, WaterTeight technology had to be resorted to.

It is being told that 60 egg towers can be made from the amount of steel used in the construction of this bridge. 420,000 tonnes of steel has been used to build this bridge. This bridge has been built at a cost of $ 1,510 million above sea level. It took nine years to build this bridge. This bridge, 55 kilometers (34 miles), has reduced the distance of three hours to thirty minutes.

Yes, before the bridge was built, it took 3 hours to reach Hong Kong from China's Juhai but now it will only take 30 minutes. According to experts, this bridge can be used for the next 120 years. This bridge will take 60 per cent less time to travel, which will increase trade in China and its direct positive impact will be on the Chinese economy.

However, making this bridge was not easy. While making it many cases of corruption came to light, many workers lost their lives, the budget was not according to the estimates. For all these reasons, it took more time to make it. The bridge was inaugurated in the year 2017 but it has not yet been opened to the general public. No information has been given about its opening date.
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These are the five most expensive cars in the world

These are the five most expensive cars in the world, knowing the price of a car number 1 will be stunned

Today, we will tell you about the world's five most expensive cars, and at the same time, we will tell you the value of those cars. One of these five cars has the highest price and the world's most expensive car is the same.

5. Ferrari F60

The car, priced at Rs 16 crores 56 lakhs, had only 10 units, which is based on the F12 Berlinetta, the car's 740 Horse Power engine could hold speed of 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds. The interior of this car will also really remind you of the finest years of absconding.

4. Manusuri Weaver Bugatti

Without any buggy car, this list is incomplete. We are talking about the most expensive cars in the world, then the buggy wireson has to be in it. Its engine is powered by 1,200 horsepower and can run 254 miles faster than the party hours. Its body is made of fiber. This car is one of the most expensive and fastest cars in the world, this car costs 22 crores 52 lakhs 34 thousand rupees.

3. Lamborghini Setzo Alemonto

There are only a few cars in the world that can compete with Sesto Elemento. This car can hold 200 miles per hour in just 2.5 seconds. Its chassis, body, drive shaft and suspension components have been made from all carbon fiber, which means that this 570 kg car is very light and fast.

2. La Ferrari FXX K

The car has an engine of 1,035 horsepower, priced at 17.88 million rupees 54 thousand and every one of them has the potential that you can imagine, and the sensor has been used in almost every facility. This car is only made to run on the racing track and there is a strange machine science that by looking at the safety device and its tremendous standards, it seems that the person has reached the brink of making the perfect machine.

1. Maybach Accelero

Maybach Accelero is the world's most expensive car which costs 52.99 million to 39 thousand rupees. This car was created only once in the world, which was bought by the famous rapper 'Bardman' from America. This car was first introduced by 'Fulda Tires' 2005, and since then its production has been discontinued. This car runs on the Twin Turbo V12 engine, whose speed is 218 kilometers per hour and it can catch up to 60 km in just 4.4 seconds.  
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3 countries of the world from which Pakistan is very scared, number 1 is Pakistan's biggest enemy

3 countries of the world from which Pakistan is very scared, number 1 is Pakistan's biggest enemy

Friends, today we will tell you, which countries are such? Which Pakistan is most afraid of and what is the reason for this? Their fears persist in Pakistan all the time. Know about them


America is such a country that every country in the world is afraid because it is the world's strongest country and Pakistan always fears its fears. Its main reason is the nuclear weapons located in Pakistan. For which America always calls him to be careful and threatens, because terrorism is very much spread in Pakistan and terrorists also always want that nuclear weapons are in their hands. If that happens, then America will not leave Pakistan.


Israel is a country where no one can go to Pakistan. Israel does not allow Pakistanis to come into its own country, because it has been an enemy of Pakistan since ancient times. It hates Pakistan on every issue, but it is a good friend of India and it keeps on joining hands with India. Israel's military strength is also very strong, so Pakistan always fears its fears.


Friends, you know everything about India and Pakistan, that these two countries burn each other. Every religion is recognized in India and people live here in love and peace. The same thing does not digest Pakistan, but due to India's strong strength, Pakistan fears India. Pakistan's military strength can not sustain India.

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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Do not believe in knowing some things about the mind blowing America

Do not believe in knowing some things about the mind blowing America

We hope you all are right. Today we will tell you about some interesting and fun facts related to the world that you will not believe knowingly. If you liked the post, then share your friends. Today, we are going to tell you about some interesting and interesting facts about America.

Do you know that America is the world's largest powerful country with the world's largest air force. Apart from this, America is also considered to be a wealthy country in the world.

You might be surprised to know that out of every 4 Americans, one American TV has come on some show.

You will not know that every American drinks about 600 COD drinks every year.

America's most populous city is New York, followed by Los, Aigles and 

Do you know that the number of animals in the US is Montana, which is three times the number of humans.

You may be surprised to know that America is considered to be the world's most obese country. 33% of the population is a victim of obesity.
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World's 5 countries, which can be defeated by the United States in the future, super power

World's 5 countries, which can be defeated by the United States in the future, super power

At present, America is considered to be the most powerful nation in the world, because America has the most powerful army and America's army is quite hitek. The US Navy and Air Force are also very strong and you will be surprised to know that America has the largest defense budget in the world. Every year, the US spends 600 billion dollars on its defense budget.

But the time does not remain the same and in the coming time, leaving America behind and there are some nations that have the potential to become super power in the world, today we are going to tell you about such five nations. It is being heard that, in the coming time, it can emerge as a superpower in this world, so read this article to the end.


Germany is the most developed nation of Europe and at the time of Napoleon, it has remained the world's most powerful country. Its technology has the power to make this nation the most powerful. It is considered to be Europe's most developed and powerful nation, and in this nation it has the ability to become the super power of the world in the future.


Friends, it is said that Japan is 10 years ahead of the world. People here are very hard working and are quite honest too. They are always ready to do anything for their nation. The technology here is always different from the world and it is ahead. There are many earthquakes in this nation, but this country never feels defeated. The GDP of this nation is always in the top 10 states of the world and in the coming times it is likely that Japan will become the world's super power.


Since Russia's President Putin has been on, Russia's power has continued to grow ever since, although Russia's economy is not so much ACHI at this time, but Russia's biggest power is its military capability and nuclear weapons. At present, he has the highest nuclear weapons in the world, and due to this, Russia can become the world's largest super power in the coming days.


China has the largest army of the world. According to a report, China currently has more than 2.3 million active soldiers and China also spends a lot of money in its defense budget. At this time, China's economy is growing at a speed of 6.3%, and in the coming times it is likely that China will be able to overcome the US and become the world's super power.


At present, the largest nation, the fastest growing nation in the world, is a nation, then it is India. India is currently more than 7% the pace of development of India, and in the coming time this growth rate is full potential to grow even more. It has also been attempted in the report, that in the coming times, India will be the most powerful nation in the world. In India 65% of people are under 35 years of age. This is continuously increasing on the strength of Indian power and India's military capability. There is a whole possibility by the year 2050 that bypassing India, America will become the super power of the world.
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Knowing this interesting fact about Japan, you will be proud of Japan

Knowing this interestin
g fact about Japan, you will be proud of Japan

Japan is considered to be the hardest country in the world. This country is made up of about 6800 islands. The name of this country remains at the forefront of something new. The people here are so diligent, it can be traced that powerful countries such as the United States in the Second World War put emphasis but Japan was not ready to retreat. The girl here is beautiful and lives for more than a year.

Japan is a hard country but you will be surprised to know that this country is shattered due to natural calamity. Every year, more than 1500 earthquakes occur in Japan i.e. about 4 earthquakes occur every day in this country.

You must be surprised to know that the people of Japan are so sensible and clean that the people here keep a special bag with the dog while collecting the dog, in which he can collect the dog excretion.

You will be surprised to know that no importance is given to Muslims in Japan. The big thing is that Muslims do not get a house for rent in Japan.

You will be surprised to know that children are not given any kind of examination until the age of 10 in Japan. Even so, no employee is employed in the schools of this country, as the school and the teacher do their schooling and care.
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You will be surprised to know what happens in connection with a pregnancy

You will be surprised to know what happens in connection with a pregnancy

During pregnancy, girls have to pay a lot of attention to themselves and their child in the stomach; girls also have to change their physical life, so that their child in their stomach does not suffer any harm and moment in their stomach. Having a baby could be healthy.

Many people feel that girls are benefited from makinonnections  onnections during pregnancy but many people believe that they should not have relations at the time of pregnancy, that is why today we are going to tell you to build relationships during pregnancy The girl is benefited from this.

When a girl is pregnant, there are many changes in her body, which can lead to problems like headaches, body aches and back pain, but if such a person makes a relationship with a pregnant girl, then make a connection. Due to this, the problem of pregnant girl starts increasing, the child is affected by the girl's stomach also, so that's never related to the girl at the time of pregnancy. Should be made.

Necessity should never be made at the time of pregnancy, because the skin of the private parts of the girls is very fragile and the relation between the pregnancy increases the risk of infections in the private part due to which the girl has many problems when giving birth to the baby. That is why, therefore, it should never be made in connection with pregnancy.

When a girl is pregnant, then that girl's body lacks protein and vitamins due to which the girls become very weak and no person should make any relation with pregnant girls in such a weak condition because at the time of pregnancy Girls can also have many problems by making a relationship in the condition of weakness, so do not make any relation at any time during pregnancy.

If you want to ask about the relationship of pregnancy or ask about any problem, please click on the follow button below to ask about your problem. We will answer your problem as soon as possible.

If you like this news, then we must follow and if you have not liked something in this news then we apologize to you for that but we will try that our next news is more like you and you are connected to us.
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Ranikhet is the perfect destination for traveling alone in the budget.

Ranikhet is the perfect destination for traveling alone in the budget.

Ranikhet's choice in Uttarakhand is the only one to roam freely. Not as big as the second tourist destination, but a very beautiful hill station. If you want to spend a few moments of peace and relaxation after traveling away from the crowd, then plan to come here. At the height of approximately 1824 meters above sea level, this place is made to make the place more beautiful. Pine and pine trees beside the roads. Solo is on Trip, there are many such places that are excellent for both walking and relaxing. Know about them

Special places to roam in Ranikhet

Jhula Devi Temple

This temple is the most crowded of visitors. It is believed that every single prayer sought from the heart is fulfilled here. It is also called a temple of bells, because it is a custom to buy bells here and open them for fulfillment of demand. During Navaratri, there is a huge crowd of devotees in the temple. This temple of Goddess Durga is about 7 km from Ranikhet. There is also a small temple of Lord Rama near Jhula Devi temple.

Binasar Mahadev

From here there are many small temples of which the Binar Mahadev Temple is the most special. About 19 km from Ranikhet, this temple is located at an altitude of 2480 meters above sea level. The pine trees surrounded by the temple make it beautiful and look after it patrolling. The temple was built here by King Pethu in memory of his father's point of view.

Hara khan ashram

There is an ashram of Sant Hera in Chilianawala, about 4 km from Ranikhet. From here the high peaks of the Himalayas can be easily seen. There is a different feeling of seeing these peaks than snow.

Golf Course

This golf course of Ranikhet stretches the shade of green grass in far and wide and attracts golf enthusiasts. There is also a second name called Upty Kalika. Nearby are pine and dense forest of pine. Which are perfect for photosensation. This golf course of Ranikhet is famous for being the best and the right way around the world. Earlier it used to be used by the army officers but now it has been opened for the general public too. Kalika village is just a few km away, where the Goddess is a very old temple of Kali.

Chaubia Gardens

The tourists who come to Ranikhet definitely make the rounds of Chobatia. The reason behind being named Chubatia is to be the center of four cities such as Ranikhet, Bahargaon, Pilkholi and Dehrietyi. Here is a large fruit research center. There are lots of fruit trees like apples, walnuts, apricots. People come here to celebrate a picnic during the holidays. From this place, beautiful views of the Himalayas, Nandadevi, Trishul, Nandhangati and Nilkanth can be seen. Also walking in the forests will also be a different adventure. Approximately 36 types of apples are grown in Chobatia Gardens.

Effective Travel Tips

1. If you are coming alone in Ranikhet, then do not take any tension at all, because there are a variety of hotels that you can choose according to your budget.

2. Small dhubs and hotels are also available here for food and drink. There is no need to go to big hotels to get the real taste of tea and coffee.

3. Taxi and buses are not available for Ranikhet late in the night. Take special care of this.

How to reach

Airway- Patnagar is the closest airport to which the distance of Ranikhet is 115 km. Taxi from the airport to Ranikhet is unavailable.

Rail route - Kathgodam, is a nearby railway station. From here bus and taxi can be reached to Ranikhet.

Roads- Many different options like Taxi and bus are available for coming to Ranikhet, reach Uttarakhand.
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Monday, 29 October 2018

From the Maruti Swift to the Toyota Innova Crysta, super luxury cars made by DC Design

From the Maruti Swift to the Toyota Innova Crysta, super luxury cars made by DC Design

DC Design is known for its car modification and custom designs both in the country and abroad. The owner of this company, Dilip Chhabria, has designed many fantastic and popular cars such as "Tarzan" film car and DC Avanti Sports-car. There is no doubt that DC is not an opponent in the market if it is a matter of designing the interior. These cars, equipped with the built-in DC, are called DC Lounge and do not look less than a 5-star hotel.

So let us look at the 10 great interior car modifications done by this company: -

Maruti Swift

The previous generation Maruti Suzuki Swift was one of the finest cars being made available in India. This car was the most premium interior in terms of its segments. The entire car was given a black finish from the inside. DC also took notice of this matter and now what is in front of you is a snappy incarnation of this car. While trying to give this custom swift sporty look, DC has given it a white and black finish.

Hindustan Ambassador

DC had ambassador ambassador long ago and its surprisingly beautiful result was revealed. But in the picture presented here, DC has just modulated the interior of the car and now it looks like a 'Raj Throne' in its rear seat. Ambassador had the best rear seat in its segment anyway, and now DC has installed four moons in it. Now in this custom ambassador you get the leather upholstery, interior decorations made of high-quality wood, two inflatable screens, food-trays, and 4 rear AC vent.

Hyundai Elantra

The modified car is an old version of Hyundai Alantra, which already had a stylish interior. But now, this car has given absolutely unmatched and stylish features which are very good for the eyes. The new black and red interior of this car give it a more sporty look.

Mahindra XUV500

This car is also the best-selling vehicle in its segment and it has also been modulated by DC very carefully. As the trend is, by removing this second and third line of the car, the reclining seat has been used instead. Now the back of this car is the only place for two people, but this custom XUV500 now gives a unique premium feel. There is a large display behind both front seats and the entire SUV is decorated with leather upholstery. This DC XUV500 has been finishing touches with high-quality wood and also has ambient lighting feature.

Nissan Sunny

Nissan Sunny is one of the biggest cars in her segment and this is also her biggest feature. DC has used this feature of the car a lot and now has added reclining seat and chiller to this sedan. Sunny has now been given the red and dark interior decorations and has also been used for designing high crocodile wood.

Renault Duster

Renault Duster is a good compact SUV in which the company has made available to plain Interiors customers. But everything in the picture presented here is inverted. Due to this modified duster, dual-tone interiors are given which look quite attractive. White leather finish has been provided on car seats and reclining seat has been used in the previous section. DC is now adding Infotainment Display panels behind the front seats.

Tata Aria

Area was a unique experiment in the Indian car manufacturer Tata's case. By the way, this car did not do any great in terms of sales, but in the Tata Arena present here, DC has completely replaced the interior. Now in this custom area you find wood made interior, leather upholstery, reclining seat, a big TV, and a chiller. This modification DC has done very well and it can compete with any luxury salon in case of car lookup.

Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortune has long been the best-selling SUV in India. From the time of its launch this SUV has attracted Indian car enthusiasts. Now DC has given the interior of this car a completely new look. In this new stylish and premium interior of the car, passengers are now full of features such as leather upholstery, reclining rear seat, ultra-modern TV which separates front and rear seats, and top-class recreational systems. Not only this, this car also has a mini-bar and ambient lighting system.

Ford EcoSport

The existing version available in the market of Exosport is much better than its previous models in the case of interior and succulents. In the car presented here DC has completely replaced the interior. The main attraction of this car is now the large round shape AC vents for passengers who sit in the back seat.

So friends, what do you think about these cars? Which of these cars did you consider the best of modification? Would you also like to have your car modulated with DC Design? Please tell us by commenting below because we are eagerly waiting for your feedback.

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Launched in Mahindra XUV500 Market

Launched in Mahindra XUV500 Market

Mahindra XUV500 has been in the market for quite a while. Since its launch, it has maintained its dominance in the market, and since then it has regained its place on the sales chart again in the segment since Facelift. Mahindra XUV500 looks quite a lot and its gauged examples look even better!

Mad Me

This is a well-modulated Mahindra XUV500 by Motormind. There are several upgrades in this, including new bumpers, integrated lamps with integrated lamps, and modifed headlamps with LED parts. This SUV has been fully updated and its exemption is also equipped with trapezoidal shapes. Along with this, the new matte black wrap on its body.


Gold Chrome Rap is quite popular in Middle Eastern countries and the biggest customers of gold in the world also enjoy their car in this color. Introducing XUV500 with a gold vinyl rap. There is also a black rap on its hood and roof, which gives it a dual tone finish.


In India, you will find the most modifined vehicles in Kerala. These XUV500s of Kerala look great with their common modifications. This car has wide tires with new alloy wheels. On the front you get a bull bar with integrated lamps. There are 4 auxiliary lamps on top of the cart which provide better light at night.

Mad Men-II

This kit of Motormind transforms XUV into a forward-looking carriage. The cost of this customization kit is 1.58 lakh rupees and you get lots of parts in it. This kit includes the customized LED DRLs customized with front bumper, Honeycomb grill, and a hood scoop grill. Other modifications include flared wheel arch, auxiliary roof mounted lights, matte black alloy wheels, a custom rear bumper with diffusers, and rear spoiler. There is also a matball rap in this car which gives it a fair look. All these parts can be purchased separately and its price starts from Rs. 10,000.

DC lounge

DC lounge Mahindra XUV can also be called India's most Luxurious XUV. This modification lets the car look different from the crowd with a new front grill and a new bumper. The car is completely changed to the inside. In this 7-seater, only 4 people can sit and some luxury features have been added to it. There is a 24-inch screen for rear passenger. Seats can be fully electronically controlled and can bend up to 150 degrees. There are also ambient lighting and individual reading lamps on every seat.

new face

With a large number of XUVs on India's Rhodes they look quite like each other. It has replaced a new grill with a new grille, which improves its look. Black grill gives a new look to this black carriage.


These Red and Black Mahindra XUV500 look quite different from the rest. The XUV500 has red body wrap and matte black roof rap. This black rap has also been installed on the XUV500 bonnet and gives it an unsurpassed identity.

Super XUV500

Mahindra XUV500 often participates in rallies, and Super XUV 500 is the official entry of Mahindra in similar rallies. This SUV has the best racing seats, roll cages, and power upgrades. Super XUV 500 has a new free flow air filter and free flow air extinguisher system. There is also a new ECU with tuning box. Suspension has also been upgraded here. But official power statistics have not been disclosed.


Introducing another awesome idea that will give Killer Looks to your XUV500. It has a matte gray body wrap on the entire body which makes four moons in its lux. It is difficult to maintain the beat color but the rap is a very good option.


Introducing a XUV of Kerala which looks stingy with its Aftermarket Body Kit. This kit has a new front bumper that looks slick and aggressive. Its grill has also been updated with a new unit. The roof of this XUV is black colored which gives it a dual-tone effect.
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The country of gazbe will be surprised to know Israel

The country of gazbe will be surprised to know Israel

Israel is the only Jewish religion in the world. Its total population is 85 lakhs which is as much as the Bangalore city of India. Its area is two-thirds of the area of ​​Haryana. There is no lack of power in the power of the poor poor law. Earlier this country was part of Palestine. In 1900 the Jews had begun a separate country demand. After the partition of Palestine in 1948, Israel came into existence.

This is the only country in the world where the birth of a child becomes the citizens of Israel. Even if a child has not been born in any country The second exemption is that whichever country they live in, whenever they are, they can come to Israel. Suppose if a Jew is born in India, he is considered a citizen of Israel as soon as he is born.

The constitution of Israel is also unique. Like the UK, there is no written constitution. Israel's national language is Hebrew. It is said that this language has been reborn. There is also a fraction of Marathi language in this language. The people of Israel are famous for their patriotism in the world. Here one third of the population is in the army. Teenagers of the age of 15 begin military exercises in Israel.

Israel is a very developed country in military strength. This is the main weapon seller country in the world. Israel is situated in the desert but it is still quite green. The agricultural and irrigation techniques here are quite advanced.

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Trump runs on a magnificent car, this person, the car costs more than two thousand crores

Trump runs on a magnificent car, this person, the car costs more than two thousand crores

Follow legend by pressing the yellow button above the leak for great news.

Helsinki America and Russia are considered to be the biggest strengths in the world. The security of the President of the two countries is such that it can not kill Parinda. The car of both of them remains a topic of discussion all over the world. In the car's specialty, Russia's President Vladimir Putin is heavily involved with American president Donald Trump. For the first time, Arun Sana came to meet his foreign car at the Aras Senna to meet a foreign leader abroad. Putin's car took 6 years to build, and it cost $ 300 million (Rs 2048 crore).

Putin demonstrated power

Limousine was launched at the beginning of this year. Earlier, Putin himself had sat only once. Putting in such a superpower car from Trump is also being linked to Putin's power performance. Putin used this car during the first summit in Finland's capital Helsinki.

Can not be a chemical attack

An Expert in Russia's Automobile treats an armored vehicle. According to him, it is such a strange car that there can not be any damage to the army even in the Landmine blast. The car's communication system has been connected to the satellite. The safety of the car is so strong that it is capable of preventing chemical attack. One of the major features of this car is that it can also run under water like a submarine.

The bang will have no effect

Putin's special car engine is completely automatic. According to Bhaskar, there is also a generator in this car. Therefore, the car can run both electric and generator. The seven-meter loh6ng body of this car is made of a strict plate of 15 millimeters, which is fully capable of resisting any type of bang.

Scientists have also been helped

The work of Putin's special car was started in 2012. The Senna has a digital dashboard and has an onboard multimedia system. Senate is made up of German firm Porsche and Bosch together. It has been linked to a number of specialties and the Central Scientific Research Automobile and Engine Institute of Moscow has also helped in creating it. In the Soviet era Russian leaders used to walk in ZILS cars built in their own country. Since 1994, Russian President Mercedes-Benz's Pullman started running in Limousin.

Many specialties in Trump's car

American President's official car limousine one or cadillac forest is also called Beast. Seven people can sit in this car worth Rs 11 crore The beauty of this car is that the car can turn into a bunker when it is in danger. No bomb, bullet or chemical attack on the car will have any effect. Apart from this, the Oxygen Tank, Night Vision Cameras are also engaged.

No effect of tire deterioration

Even if the car's tire rises, it will not make any difference and the car will continue to run. There is a satellite phone near the Trump seat which can connect directly to the Pentagon. A fire extinguishing system and tear gas system have also been installed in the car so that there is no danger to the President.

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Sunday, 28 October 2018

US soldiers will be surprised to know salary of 1 month

The power and security of any country depends on the army of that country. Different countries of the world are constantly spending their army to modernize. So today I am going to tell about the salary of US soldiers in the country.

Third party image reference

The United States is counted among the world's most powerful countries. America's army is counted as the most modern army in the world. As far as the matter is concerned of soldiers, America in this case also looks forward to all the other countries of the world.

Third party image reference

Payments of American soldiers-

Third party image reference

In India, soldiers get monthly salary of around 40 to 50 thousand rupees. The United States is far ahead of India in terms of paying salaries to soldiers. US soldiers get initial salaries about one and a half lakh rupees and in the army some years of work, salaries increase. After 5 years of service in the army, the salary of an American soldier is about two lakh rupees.
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Danger bell for Maruti Dzire - 50,000 Honda Amazon sold within 5 months

Danger bell for Maruti Dzire - 50,000 Honda Amazon sold within 5 months

Honda Car India has announced that the booking of their Amazon sedan car has exceeded 50,000 units. The new Amazon has just been launched for 5 months and this sedan has proven its popularity in the market. It is worth mentioning that Honda Amaze was launched in May at the starting price of Rs 5.81 lakhs ex-showroom (Delhi).

Amazon is proving to be the best seller for Honda. It has gradually replaced its compact sedan segment. Its biggest contest in this segment is Maruti Dzire, Hyundai Accent and the newly launched Ford Aspire. Honda also said that 20% of those who bought the new Amazon were new buyers. This also proves that the popularity of sedan cars in new buyers is still intact.

Now if it came back to the data of the cell, 9,644 units of the car were sold in August 2018. This is the fourth consecutive month when Honda Amazon has sold over 9000 units. Along with this, Honda Amaze has also made its place in the list of best sellers in the compact sedan segment.

Honda Amaze is getting the response of customers to the extent that this car has left behind the company's most popular car, Honda City. In July, Honda Amazon also crossed the 10 thousand units sales figure. Let Honda announce this Second Generation Amazon for the first time in the auto expo 2018 world.

Speaking on the success of All New America, Makoto Hyoda, Director of Sales and Marketing, Honda Cars India Limited, said, "The overall concept of All New America was to develop a sedan on top of a class for the use of the Indian family, which is a compact sedan With the sale of 50,000 sales in 5 months, there is a huge increase in the car's responses in the segment.Advanced CVT Technology S had enough Bdian reaction. 30% Amejh customers to choose an automatic petrol and diesel. "

Talk to the whole cell so far, 47 thousand units of Honda Amaze have been sold. Accordingly, in this month, the car will be able to cross 50,000 cell numbers comfortably.

It has been updated in the market by updating the new image of Ajaer's and interior. This car has been made 5 mm tall and 15 mm wide, compared to the previous model. Apart from this, the new version is also lighter in comparison to the previous, which also helps to improve the mileage of the car.

Also in Mileage, the Honda Amazon 2018 is quite ahead, its petrol variants have certified mileage 19.5kpl and 28.8kpl of diesel variants. At the same time its SVT model gives 23.8kpl mileage of 19kpl diesel of petrol.

In Honda Amaze, the company used a 1.2 liter petrol engine and 1.5 liter diesel engine capacity. Petrol engine provides the car with 89 bhp power and 110 nm torque. At the same time diesel engine provides the power of 99 bhp to the car and torque of 200 nm. Both variants are available in the market with 5-speed manual and CVT gearbox.

The company introduced Honda Amaze in 4 different variants and the company has used the best features in all the variants. Features include folding ORVM, LED DRL, engine stop-stop button, cruise control, mounted steering wheel, automatic climate control.

Many new safety features have also been added this time in the new Honda Amazon. As a safety, Dual Airbags, ABS, EBD, Brake Assist, ISOFIX child seat anchor point and reverse parking sensor in the 2018 Honda Amaze are standardized in all variants.

The 2018 Honda Amaze will be available in a total of five colors, including Redion Red, White, Lunar Silver Metallic, Golden Brown Metallic and Modern Steel Metallic.

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Which car has the advantage of taking? Tiago, santro or swift

Which car has the advantage of taking? Tiago, santro or swift

There has been a lot of buzz in the world of hatchback segment cars in India. Films are at the forefront of this segment, Maruti Suzuki Swift, who has no one of three great products to entice car customers. Alto, Wagon R, and Swift are top of the hatchback segment's best-selling cars. Tata's Tiago alone is challenging Maruti-Suzuki's power alone. Tata, Tiago seem to be very aggressive, has launched three variants of Tata Tiago, who are taking a direct hit from Maruti Suzuki's Alto, Wagon R and Swift. But now with this game Santro's entry Hyundai has also joined. Tata Tiago has power, Maruti Suzuki has car customers trust, Hyundai's Santro has a long list of styles and features.

What is special about Maruti Suzuki Swift

Although there are three products of Maruti Suzuki in the hatchback segment, in this comparison, only Maruti Suzuki's latest car car Swift will be talked about. Swift is a game changing car for Maruti Suzuki. The new Swift was launched in the beginning of this year and car customers hand it over. The new swift is light and fast compared to the previous one. It was made on the new platform because of its low weight, whose direct effect is seen in the car's performance. The price of Swift Base model has been kept at Rs 4.99 lakh. Swift's 1200 cc petrol engine removes power of approximately 80 bhp. If Swift is needed with all the features, its top model can be taken, which costs up to 9 lakh rupees.

There is no one stronger than Tata Teague

Tata Tiago is responsible for the return of Tata to the passenger car segment. Tiago Hach is the most powerful car of the bike segment. Tata Tiago has gradually got the confidence of the right customers. Tata Tiago is available in both petrol and diesel variants. Tata Tega Petrol is very much liked by car customers. Tata Tega Petrol comes with a 1200 cc engine, which gives power of 85 bhp. Tata Tiago's JTP variant comes with Turbo Charged engine, which gives the power of 112 bhp. There is also a third option Tata NRG in Tiago's top model. Tata Tiga's base model starts from Rs 3.50 lakh, which goes up to 7.5 lakh.

Santoro's beauty is effective

Hyundai Santro production was closed in 2014 and since then it was becoming difficult to register its presence in the hatchback segment for Hyundai. Now, Hyundai Santro has brought back right before Diwali. Everything in Hyundai Santro is new except for the engine and Chassis. In the case of features, Santro can be the most modern car of this segment. Hyundai has tried to give the premium segment features and Looks Santro, which is also very successful. Santro diesel has been launched in Petrol and AMT variants. No changes have been made in the engine in Santro, it still has a 1000 cc engine which will give 68 bhp power. The price of Santro's base model has been kept at around Rs 4 lakh, while its top model costs up to 5.5 lakh rupees.

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Maruti 800 is going to shut down the company

Maruti 800 is going to shut down the company

Maruti Suzuki, the largest carmaker, has announced its closure of a special car after the Maruti 800. The 34-year-old car is the Maruti Omni, which will not be visible on the roads of India after October 2020. This brand of Maruti Omni was the most preferred model of people in the 90s as a family car.

People like Maruti Omni of the Maruti Suzuki's first choice, as family car, will soon say goodbye to Indian roads. According to the news published in auto website, Car and Bike, India will be launching New Wheels Safety Assessment (BNVSAP) from October 2020, at which time Maruti will stop production of this car.

Maruti Suzuki Chairman RC Bhargava said that some models of the company are not meeting the safety norms in accordance with the new rules, in which Maruti Omni is also one. So, we have to close it. However, he said that both Maruti Omni and Maruti 800 were important models of the company, but we have the compulsion to shut them down.

According to the website, production of this car will be closed after two years due to safety standards. Apart from this, the company is also working on the company's taxi-use Eco Van and Alto 800's safety features.

In this regard, the company says that both these cars will not be able to fulfill the standards set by the government, in which the company's engineers are working continuously to prepare them according to the future security measures.

Maruti insists that both of these cars will not be able to meet future safety criteria, in which the team of Engineers is working continuously. Let us tell you that Maruti launched Omni for the first time in 1984. Omni is one of the favorite cars in the 34 year journey. In the journey from 1984 till now Omni has been changed twice.

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Treatment of Roman Rena in this way, how long will it last for more treatment

Treatment of Roman Rena in this way, how long will it last for more treatment

This week's Monday Night Raw was extremely tragic for WWE fans, where WWE Superstars said that they were suffering from cancer and put everyone in the trap. Where the entire WWE Universe is in shock from the Roman Renaissance disease, the whole world is very sad because of the Roman Rena. People are sharing their grief on the social media with the last ring video of the Roman Rena and their old splendid charm.

Leukemia is a type of blood cancer in which leukemia cells are affected by blood cells. Leukemia cells directly affect the blood present in the body. Symptoms of leukemia are easily identified so it is possible to treat it, but ignoring its symptoms gives the victim only 4 years of life. However, it relates to the person's immune system.

Treatment of leukemia-

There are several types of methods for the treatment of this disease, the first of which is chemotherapy. The second method is treatment by biological therapy. The third method is the radiation method. All these therapies are performed 1 to 2 times per week. However, if the victim's immune system is good, then it can be treated even earlier. The Roman Renaissance is a powerful body wrestler, and in this way their body's resistance can be good, so that their treatment can be completed soon.

Treatment of leukemia lasts from 1 year to 3 years, but as we have said, with good resistance to leukemia, it can be quickly removed from the body. In such a way, the Roman Renaissance can be considered as early as possible in the ring. But normalization of the Roman Rena from 6 months to 1 year can be normal.

We hope that the Roman Rance should be healthy and return to the ring. Demonstrate good health of Roman rains by pressing follow and follow.

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Thursday, 25 October 2018

Daniel Wyatt did very good tweet on the special achievement of Virat Kohli

Daniel Wyatt did very good tweet on the special achievement of Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli once again proved that he is a great player of modern age.

In the second ODI of the series against West Indies in Visakhapatnam on Wednesday (24th October), Team India captain Virat Kohli has played an impressive innings of 157 not out in 129 balls. During this stormy innings he also used 13 fours and 4 sixes.

In this match, Kohli has done a lot of other records besides completing 10 thousand runs. The world of fans and the cricket fraternity have become mad to praise the master of sports in modern times.

After his impressive innings, the Indian captain is getting all the best and praise from all corners of the world. One of the many tweets coming in praise of Kohli attracted some special attention. It was tweeted and not of anybody but England's female cricketer Daniel Wyatt.

The relationship between Daniel Wyatt and Virat Kohli is very special. Wyatt has openly appreciated the Indian captain on many occasions and is one of the enthusiasts of the Indian captain. After Kohli's spectacular show in ICC World T20 2014, Wyatt had proposed to marry Kohli. Since then, all the Twitter users have a look at these two cricketers.

Since then, many such instances have surfaced, when Wyatt has openly expressed his surprise towards Virat Kohli's game. And Wyatt has made a special tweet for the achievement of completing Virat's 10 thousand runs. He has appreciated this fact in his tweet that Kohli took the help of only 11 paris to reach 10000 runs from 9000 runs. Wyatt also commented that it was very easy for Kohli.

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What is the hero of the 2007 T20 World Cup today

What is the hero of the 2007 T20 World Cup today?

Joginder Sharma, who played an important role in winning the 2007 World Cup, is celebrating his 35th birthday (October 23, 1983). In 2007 India defeated Pakistan by 5 runs to make history of Dhoni's captaincy. The hero of the match, Joginder Sharma's career was immersed in an accident after the accident, he could not step on the cricket field. Joginder Sharma currently serves as a DSP in Haryana.

Even today, cricket lover Joginder has not forgotten over

The final end of the final match against Pakistan, which was held by Joginder Sharma, is still not forgotten by cricket fans. Joginder's name comes in remembrance of the final over of the final of the Twenty World Cup 2007. However, it is a matter of regret that the 2007 T20 World Cup hero has become completely lost in international cricket today.

Final-over of the T-20 2007 World Cup Final

Pakistan needed 13 runs in the final over to win. Dhoni also wondered who to give this bowling to. This score was easy for Pakistan because it was on the captain Misbah ul Haq strike and he was in good form. There was an over left of Bhajji. Dhoni caught the ball in the hands of Joginder Sharma at the end. All were surprised. Joginder laid the first ball Misbah. The ball wade, now Pakistan needed 12 runs in 6 balls to win. Dhoni came to Joginder and told him to bowl without pressure. When Joginder bowled the ball, Misbah scored a six in the state. Pakistan cricket lovers were happy, although Dhoni was confident. Now Pakistan need 6 runs in 4 balls to win. Joginder took the ball off Misbah, when the ball hit the ball on Fine Leg, Sreesanth had already caught the catch and caught him caught. This historic moment was stagnant for a little while by India's victory.

The impact of the cricket career due to an accident

Joginder Sharma had a horrific accident. He had severe injuries in his head and 47 stitches came. His return to cricket was unthinkable after the accident. Doctors said that the survivor would survive but it would take two years for the recovery to complete, but Joginder had been running in less than four and a half months. Joginder had plaster in the foot and he reached Ranji's semi-final match at the Mohali stadium in 2012. In 2013-14, Joginder made a successful comeback in Ranji's five-wicket haul in the first match.

Haryana's DSP is Joginder

Joginder Sharma is a DSP in Rohtak district of Haryana. Before this, Joginder was the judge's judge. When traffic gets jam on the road, it is called only, and its fans immediately take it for granted. The car is first photographed with Joginder, and Joginder does not disappoint anyone.

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