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Thursday, 15 April 2021

GSEB Board exam cancelled due Corona

 Important decision of the government within the wider interest of the scholars of the state *

.GSEB Board exam cancelled due to Corona...

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* The government has decided to postpone the Std. 10 and Std. 12 Board Examinations which were to be held from 10th May to 8th May in Gujarat, keeping in sight the prevailing situation in Corona.

* The government has said that the new dates for the exam are going to be announced on May 15 after reviewing the transition status of Koro.

* thanks to the announcement of those new dates, it's been decided that students are going to be given a minimum of 15 days to organize for the exam *.

* The government has also taken a crucial decision that as a results of Corona's prevailing status, students in Std-1 to Std-9 and Std-11 within the state are going to be given mass promotions this year *.

The voice of the scholars prevails. Finally, CBSE does the proper thing.

The Hon'ble Prime Minister chaired a high-level meeting today to review the examinations to be held at various levels in sight of the developing Corona situation. Union Education Minister, Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister, Cabinet Secretary, School and better Education Secretaries and other top officials attended the meeting

The Prime Minister reiterated that the well being of the scholars has got to be the highest priority for the govt . He also stated that the Centre would confine mind the simplest interests of the scholars and make sure that their health is taken care of at an equivalent time their academic interests aren't harmed.

. The Board exam for sophistication X and XII conducted by CBSE are scheduled to start from 4th May, 2021. The pandemic situation within the country is seeing a resurgence of COVID 19 positive cases in many nations , with a couple of states having been affected quite others. during this situation, schools are pack up in 11 states. Unlike State Boards, CBSE has an all India character, and thus , it's essential to carry exams simultaneously throughout the country. Looking to this situation of the pandemic and faculty closures, and also taking in account the security and well-being of the scholars , it's decided as follows:

1. The Board Exams for sophistication Xith to be held from May 4th to June, 14, 2021 are hereby postponed. These exams are going to be held hereafter. things are going to be reviewed on 14 June 2021 by the Board, and details are going to be shared subsequently. A notice of a minimum of 15 days are going to be given before the beginning of the examinations,

2. The Board Exams for sophistication Xth to be held from 4th May to June 14", 2021 are hereby cancelled. The results of sophistication Xth Board are going to be prepared on the idea of an objective criterion to be developed by the Board. Any candidate who isn't satisfied with the marks allocated to him/her on this basis are going to be given a chance to take a seat in an exam as and when the conditions are conducive to carry the exams.

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Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Latest gujarat news  Update

ધોરણ 9 અને 11 માં વિદ્યાર્થીઓને માસ પ્રમોશન આપવા બાબત શિક્ષણ વિભાગનો પરિપત્ર 
તારીખ 16-4-2021

ધોરણ 10 અને 12 ની બોર્ડની પરીક્ષાઓ મોકૂફ રાખવા બાબત 
ઓફિશિયલ પરિપત્ર
ધોરણ 1થી 8 માં માસ પ્રમોશન આપવા બાબત શિક્ષણ વિભાગનો પરિપત્ર તારીખ 16-4-2021






ભરૂચ જિલ્લાનો પરિપત્ર

R and the villagers eat their own food, so what else is so rude!  As we can see, there are hundreds of villagers in every school program.  Percent attendance.  All national, religious and social festivals are celebrated in the school from Std.  In such a village, whatever you sow will grow in a clean and healthy environment. 

If the teacher assumes the guidance of the teacher, the students can cultivate it even in the desert.  Vavya Vavya Amblia seeds, we rank |  doing .  Pragyavarga bavaliyo kem ugiyo re ... tevu shikshakna vavetaram |  Education is with the principal.  Who never gets ‘Pragya Shikshak Sanman’. 

Hon., Director Dr.  T.S.  Chanakya's sentence received by Joshi Saheb is seen to be meaningful here that it has happened.  Those who are truly 'teachers in the game' are never mediocre, play games with the Holocaust students, do activities.  Uddhaki gondme palte hai.

The teacher is also the project work of the society's revolutionary solar social science subject education.  If it feels like a passive eclipse in society  We meet at school.  The iniquity and immorality of yoga is seen over time.  Teacher where caution |  Activities are conducted in the prayer hall and on the ground. 

The children of this school have also joined government jobs today.  Where are the students who have gone to school now?  All its details are available with the school.  Even after the students have completed their studies from the school, the teachers remain in touch with the students and the students, this is the 'bridge' for learning.

આંબેડકર જયંતિ નિમિત્તે કવીઝ અહીં આપો

આંબેડકર જયંતિ નિમિત્તે કવીઝ અહીં આપો

sister has adopted a daughter from this village and has borne the cost of her education till college.  In marriage, Kanyada is done by Acharya sister, if teachers are good with the villagers, everything is possible if they die on all occasions.  Is awake, as bright as the sun and as bright as the moon  There are also examples of protruding from a teacher's shoulder.  Someone has died in Gamdagam and his janajo continues to shine.  January - 2021

કોરોના બાબતે નવી ગાઈડ લાઇન

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Tuesday, 13 April 2021


Today the games of the primary teachers of the district organized by the district primary teachers union have been completed in a very good atmosphere and in a joyous manner. The semi-final and final matches of cricket are pending. The remaining nine games have been completed.  Congratulations to all of you. Congratulations to all the winning friends and congratulations to all the friends who participated in the game and also to all the friends who did not succeed. Hon.  Sports Officer Rakeshbhai Saheb and Senior Coach Poonamban also attended the opening program.  Sandeepbhai who assisted in the planning of the work sequence. 
When a Bird is alive, it eats Ants, But When the Bird is dead, Ants Eat the Bird. Time and Circumstances Can change at any time. Don't Devalue or Hurt anyone in life. You May be Powerful today, but remember, time is more powerful than you





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Monday, 12 April 2021



Government of Gujarat No .: V-1 / KA / 102050/2 Home Department, Secretariat, Gandhinagar Dat.  16.03.20 31 ૨, Order: Novel Corona virus (COVID - 19) has been declared a global epidemic by WHO.  In this regard, instructions and guidelines have been issued from time to time by the Central Government and the State Government.  The impact of COVID-19 is spreading in some cities in the state.  The state government has seriously considered this.  At the end of the adult deliberation, the state government has decided to implement the following.  Ta.  With effect from 18.03.2021, no more than 50 (fifty) persons can gather in a closed or open space for a wedding ceremony.  Wedding ceremonies may not be held during the night period in cities where the night is performed.  e.  In case of death, no more than 50 (fifty) persons may be present at the funeral.  Public political / social / religious events, receptions, birthday celebrations or other gatherings will be completely banned with immediate effect. 

The festivals of every religion during April and May will not be celebrated in public and people will not be able to gather in public.  All the festivals should be celebrated with the family at home according to their faith.  

The attendance of employees in government, semi-government, board, corporation and all types of private offices should be kept up to 50% or arrangements should be made for alternate day employees to come on duty.  This provision does not apply to essential services.  All religious places in the state  An appeal is made to keep it closed to the public till 30.03.2021.  It is advisable that daily worship / rituals at religious places be performed by the administrators / priests of religious places with limited number of people.  Devotees are also urged not to go to shrines for direct darshan.

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- Ayurvedic remedies for colds and flu
- Ways to boost your immunity
- Nutrition guidelines
- The glossary of ayurvedic terms which will assist you to not stray
- The 7 chakras chart

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The school will awaken , the dormant school will awaken lazily, the crickets will resound within the closed schools. The sun will shine after the darkness of the moon, a ray of hope will rise within the days gone . After the autumn is over, the cloaks will spring, and therefore the withered trees will sprout again. The freshly planted flowers will smell sweet within the garden, the tides will are available the space . within the empty temple, the kid Lord are going to be re-established, saying, 'Mojilo Moj will now become emotional.


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Friends, we've ordered the election of every Principal (HTAT) from PO 1 as presiding. Teachers with higher pay scales than us are placed in PO and PO 1. For whatever reason, we've been assigned important responsibilities to our cadre by changing the order. what's your opinion on this matter? we will not do an equivalent . Suggestions are welcome, but please request action / written representation on this matter today.
The condition of families at this time is certainly worrying. most are able to listen within the houses today but nobody is willing to concentrate . To strengthen relationships, we'd like to form it a habit not only to concentrate but also to concentrate .
Assuming that you simply are right, but so as to take care of family peace, listening with none reason isn't a criminal offense , rather than keeping the entire family in turmoil within the process of proving oneself right. you'll never win by defeating your own, you'll only win by defeating your own. The one who knows the way to make the broken and persuade the rude is sensible .
Today most are talking about rights. But alas, nobody is talking about duty. you are doing your duty, don't reminisce . the sweetness of life isn't just how happy you're , but how happy you're .

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Sunday, 11 April 2021

The state government has decided to suspend direct educational work (offline) in all government and private colleges in state till April 30

 The state government has decided to suspend direct educational work (offline) in all government and private colleges in the state till April 30.  For each semester, colleges will be able to keep online education as per their requirement.  The government had stopped offline education in eight metros from March 18 to April 10 due to the growing number of corona cases in the state.

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 Offline education closed in all schools from Std. 1 to 9 from April 5

 At a meeting of the core committee chaired by the chief minister on April 2, it was decided to close all government and private schools in the state from April 5 to 1.  This decision is for classroom education i.e. off line education in schools.  Online learning will continue.

 Offline learning began in January and Feb.

 Earlier, Std 10 and 12 schools were opened from January 11, following which Std 10 and 12, PG and last year's college classes were started.  Then in the state std.  Schools for 9th and 11th were started on 1st February as well as standard 9th to 12th and competitive examination classes were allowed.  

 Corona's cases are on the rise again, creating a dilemma for CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) board exams.  For the current Corona situation, the only question on everyone's mind is whether the CBSE exam scheduled for May 4 will be canceled or not.  The board has clarified that the examination will be held as per the schedule.

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